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Motion control: several main types of actuators

electric, hydraulic and pneumatic are the three main motion technologies in the transmission device. Which one you use depends on the characteristics of the application

electric control is excellent when it needs to move very accurately or continuously. Electric servo control is useful in a variety of applications: such as computer numerical control (CNC) of machine center or internal shaft alignment of elevator. This control often occurs in assembly operations

hydraulic pressure is the choice under large load conditions when it is necessary to fast or use a flat collet to hold a large sample for rapid reaction. The pressure it can bear is the largest of the three sports types, up to 100 tons

air pressure can ensure safety and reliability in adverse environments. It is not sensitive to high temperature, low temperature, dust, mechanical vibration, humidity and electronic noise

due to the use of various cylindrical devices, hydraulic and pneumatic can easily achieve linear motion. Since the electric control is driven by the engine and starts with the rotary motion, some devices are needed to convert this rotary motion into linear motion, such as the ball screw. The following key operating parameters can affect the selection of motion types:

accuracy and repeatability: the electric servo system provides the highest level of accuracy. Nowadays, hydraulic and pneumatic valves can provide more powerful control than ever before. Fluid is more effective for constant pressure, such as bearing a load at a specified position

complexity: hydraulic servo digital control is ideal for multi axis applications. The advantage of electric servo control based on resonance principle lies in synchronization, while air pressure provides excellent performance and simple use of low-alloy high-strength structural steel gb/t1591 ⑼ 4

productivity: to improve the productivity of the system, we should rely on the real gold board to increase the output and reduce the machine turnover time. The actual working speed of electric simple linear motion is 10m/s, which is twice that of hydraulic pressure and air pressure

life cycle cost: no matter which technology is evaluated, the cost is not a single indicator. However, it is necessary to obtain a balance between cost and life cycle cost. (end)

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