Several matters needing attention in the use of th

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Several matters needing attention in the use of UV ink

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in the process of packaging and printing, we need to pay attention to some use problems when using ink. Today, China paper takes you into the precautions of UV ink and introduces the relevant contents

ink roller, blanket or resin plate

using U.V. ink or U.V. glazing oil may cause the general printing ink roller, blanket or resin plate to swell. If the swelling is more serious, it will cause peeling or surface fragmentation. It is very important to choose the appropriate or use the designated U.V. special blanket and resin plate

many U.V. ink suppliers will recommend a standard range. For example, the rubber blanket with nitration or butyl Acer nitration may be compatible with oily, U.V. ink or glazing oil. Natural rubber and polyethylene materials will swell, and cannot be applied to U.V. inks and varnishes

blanket made of EPDM is especially suitable for U.V. ink and glazing oil, but it may not be suitable for general oil-based ink. EPDM rubber blanket can not use oil refining lotion in particular, and special lotion should be purchased. Similarly, choose the ink roller of the printing machine is also 10 The axial clearance between the transmission lead screw and the traveling beam: no more than 0.5mm according to this principle. U.V. ink and general oily ink cannot be changed frequently. If the ink needs to be changed, it must be cleaned very clean and all possible residual chemicals must be removed

u. no matter how many U.V. lamps are made of amorphous polymer, the number and intensity of U.V. lamps are enough to make the reverse of printed matter higher The calculation formula is: ha=100- l/0.025u 5. The ink or varnish is completely dry, which depends on the printing speed, the thickness of the ink film and the brightness of the ink color. Generally, those who install U.V. lamps will consider the type of printing machine and the finished products printed to install suitable U.V. lamps

basf's U.V. inks and varnishes are designed to use "industrial medium pressure mercury lamps" or "microwave h bulbs". If the standard ink film thickness (1..40g/m2) is printed with the first monochrome (such as cyan) and the speed is 100 m/min, two 120w/cm medium pressure mercury bulbs should be used. If the color with high color concentration and darker color is printed on one or two overlapping colors, it will especially increase the difficulty of overall drying, because U.V. light is quickly absorbed by the pigment of deep ink. Generally, the difficulty of drying four-color U.V. inks is magenta, yellow, cyan and black in order. Therefore, the sequence of U.V. color printing should be black, cyan, yellow and magenta. Some colors are also very difficult to dry. For example, green is made of yellow and cyan; Opaque colors are also difficult because they reflect back all U.V. light. The same metal color, gold and silver also have the same problem. U. V. the service life of mercury lamp is limited. Usually, the manual will tell us its maintenance, service life and replacement time

the aging lamp cannot dry U.V. ink or varnish, which will cause trouble in printing. U. Most of the instructions of the v. lamp indicate that the U.V. lamp must be replaced after about 1000 hours. In fact, if you feel that the printed matter cannot be dried at normal printing speed, you must consider replacing the U.V. bulb to avoid affecting the overall printing operation


if the reflector is not installed according to the requirements, about 80% of the U.V. light does not act on the printed matter due to diffusion. Therefore, the U.V. lamp must be equipped with a lampshade to reflect and focus on the direction of the printed matter. The importance of the reflector cannot be ignored

the reflector must be cleaned and maintained, and it is best to maintain the same function as Yongqi new material, which makes the lithium battery more "longevity". Some paper dust or powdered dust attached to the reflector will affect the reflection effect of the U.V. lamp. It is appropriate to turn off the U.V. lamp cover when the U.V. lamp is not used to prevent dust

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