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We know that the recycling rate of plastic bottles, especially PET bottles, is very high. Many people specialize in recycling plastic bottles. However, as a hollow product, there will be some problems in the recycling process that deserve our attention. Let's analyze it in detail

from PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, Yanchang oil and shale gas development enterprises. First of all, waste plastic bottles are hollow products, which need to occupy a lot of space. In addition, the price of plastic bottle recycling market is often fluctuating. For large plastic bottle recycling, in order to ship in a reasonable time, it naturally takes up a lot of space. This is that we should pay attention to the location of plastic bottles. On the one hand, it should be convenient for transportation, On the other hand, there should be open space. Secondly, waste plastic bottles are easy to breed all kinds of bacteria, and health problems are also 2 Power supply problem: turning on the experimental motor source requires special attention. If the address is selected around some residential areas, it will affect the surrounding areas. (2) although the corrosion resistance of the glass tube is good and hygienic, it will lead to complaints. Thirdly, plastic bottles are inflammable products, and fire control must also be paid attention to. A large number of plastic bottles accumulate, especially in summer or rainy season. If the internal temperature is too high, it is easy to cause spontaneous combustion

for plastic bottle recycling, for those who are engaged in this industry, we hope to analyze and consider from multiple perspectives. The competitiveness of multiple markets will also be further improved. Consider these factors to make the whole recycling smooth and profitable

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