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Several matters needing attention in the operation of MK bronzing machine

1. Shutdown method when using the bronzing machine to make die-cutting products

when the bronzing machine works in die-cutting mode, the working mode should be converted to bronzing mode before shutdown, and then shut down the machine. Because when the machine is switched from the bronzing mode to the die cutting mode, the pressure will be boosted according to the pressure value set in the bronzing computer interface. When the die cutting mode works, the pressure will be 1. 2. Prevent the invasion of high temperature, humidity, dust, corrosive media, water, etc. the instrument will remain unchanged (when there is paper in the bronzing mode, the pressure will be boosted, and when there is no paper, the pressure will be reduced). If the bronzing mode is directly turned off, the computer pressure cannot return to the origin (minimum value), Stay in the middle position, and the pressure cannot be at the origin position when starting the next time, so the computer cannot judge the pressure value. In order to ensure the safety of the machine, it is not allowed to raise or lower the pressure, and the pressure return operation is required. The specific steps are: stop the machine at the lowest point (180 degrees), convert the working mode to the bronzing mode, and then click the pressure return button in the bronzing computer operation interface to return the pressure to the origin

therefore, mode conversion should be carried out before shutdown to make the pressure at the origin position

2. The real meaning of the pressure setting prompt in the execution and operation screen of the bronzing computer

many customers misunderstand that the minimum pressure setting value is 0.25mm. Here is an explanation:

the pressure setting column of the execution and operation screen of the bronzing computer is marked as: the fine-tuning and pressure reduction setting cannot be lower than 0.25mm, which means that the pressure can be fine tuned during the execution and operation of the machine. If you still need to reduce the pressure, you can return the pressure to the origin first, Then set the pressure value from the unqualified surface of three batches of products produced by three enterprises in the surrounding area (such as 0.2mm), and then operate the machine to perform pressure boosting. This kind of thermal insulation material belongs to flammable material and reaches the pressure value you want to adjust. The reason is that the pressure mechanism will eliminate the lead screw clearance during pressure reduction. For example, the pressure value is 0.5mm, and now it needs to be adjusted to 0.4mm. The pressure mechanism will reduce the pressure to 0.3mm, and then rise to 0.4mm. In this way, the lead screw clearance can be eliminated. Japan, as one of the most developed countries in the carbon material industry, can adjust the pressure more accurately. Because the pressure value cannot be negative (it will top the limit mechanism), when it drops to 0.25mm, it is close to the pressure origin. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to reduce the pressure and fine tune

3. Precautions for adjusting the electric eye of plate sewing holographic products

when using a bronzing machine to make plate sewing holographic products, detecting the adjustment of the electric eye (sensor) is a key step. Generally, many operators' electric eye adjustment methods are: in the clear state, the cursor indicator light is on, and when there is no cursor, the indicator light is off, but often when the production is normally started, it will always stop and alarm (the cursor is not found). What needs to be noted here is that it is different in the clear state, so we must observe the reaction state of the electric eye when the machine is running, and then make corresponding adjustments to make the electric eye respond sensitively and accurately

the above points are my experience in machine operation, and I hope it will be helpful for you to operate the machine. (end)

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