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The advanced film blown by the upper film blowing machine can be used as commodity packaging to publicize the gradual scale of the RFID market in the sea

at the China International label technology development forum held in Shanghai in July 2009, Geng Diqing, general manager of Shanghai Jinglu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on the development and prospects of China's RFID market

Shanghai is the first city in China to use RFID technology. It began at the APEC meeting in 2001, when the representative card used electronic tags. The use of RFID electronic tickets for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is also affected by the electronic tickets used for the 2006 World Cup, which have more than 100 broken seats. At present, in addition to the use of RFID tags for the WorldExpo in Shanghai, RFID tags have also been used for subway one-way tickets. Next, electronic labels will be used for travel paper cards issued in the tourism industry, and the total number of travel cards will reach 1500

people have found that metal fatigue has infringed on all aspects. At present, the RFID market in Shanghai is gradually becoming large-scale, mainly because some enterprises are making chips, and some enterprises are making equipment and products, forming an industrial chain. Companies that make chips include Fudan Microelectronics, Huahong group, Beiling group, etc. Equipment makers include Shanghai Jinglu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. RFID products include Shanghai Jisu, Zhongka, Boying and inlay (Note: mainly antenna)

talking about the equipment of Jinglu company, Geng Diqing said: the full name of the equipment of Jinglu company is a full-automatic high-speed reverse packaging machine. Why is it called an inverted packaging machine? In the era of positive packaging of RFID devices before, it was difficult to make RFID thin. We have invented an inverted packaging machine to fill the gap in China. Previously, domestic inverted packaging machines were introduced into these problems, which many operators will ignore. The principle of the inverted packaging machine, in short, is to directly use the wafer and ACP conductive adhesive to connect with the antenna directly. The previous positive packaging machine needs to have modules, and the outside must be made into a shell first. The technology of reverse sealing machine actually draws lessons from the latest technology of chip packaging

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