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RFID technology enterprises have insufficient understanding of industry applications

the RFID food safety supervision and traceability system includes three levels: the overall platform for food safety supervision and traceability, the variety supervision platform, and the enterprise end node system. The overall platform for food safety supervision and traceability is deployed in the highest institution of food safety supervision in the region, which is used to conduct unified safety supervision and traceability of all kinds of food supply chains in the whole region. According to the characteristics of food safety variety supervision, the variety supervision platform establishes subsystems such as livestock and poultry traceability, fruit and vegetable traceability, grain traceability, aquatic product traceability, pre packaged food traceability, and customizes and develops corresponding traceability systems according to the characteristics of different kinds of food supply chain. The Ministry is in the centralized management department of livestock and poultry, fruit and vegetable, aquatic product and other food safety supervision. The enterprise end node system is used to collect the food supply information of all links of the food supply chain, and is deployed in the production, processing, logistics, sales and other enterprises that meet the product application requirements. The improvement of the valve quality of the node system in all links of the food supply chain also requires better equipment to detect and collect the data into the database of the food safety traceability system to form a complete and traceable food supply chain information

China's RFID technology enterprises usually lack a deep business understanding of RFID applications in food enterprises, and often need in-depth cooperation with food enterprises to achieve better results. We suggest that in the process of business cooperation, users, that is, food enterprises, should play a leading role in the application of RFID, how to use it and what effect it can achieve. RFID technology enterprises provide users with necessary technical and program support, with the purpose of ultimately helping users achieve the desired and correct affirmation of the location and installation method of measuring element thermocouples. In addition, with the increasingly extensive application of RFID technology in the field of food safety supervision, the industrial division of labor will be further refined

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