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RFID tag detection and coding machine improves the delivery yield

Jiazhou machinery company, a professional printing machine equipment manufacturer, cooperates with Omron technology to launch UHF RFID tag detection and coding machine, which is designed for the needs of small and medium-sized printing plants and has the function of full-automatic QC, which can improve the delivery yield of RFID tags, Improve the above-mentioned old disadvantages of China and build China's comprehensive modernization on the platform of law. In the past, uneven quality may occur, or the speed of manual QC is slow

guozhenxian, deputy general manager of Jiazhou company, said that with the development of RFID technology, RFID tags have replaced the traditional bar code tags. However, in the past, many problems occurred when RFID tags were delivered to customers in the printing industry. Some of the marked specimens started with the turntable 1, and the reading effect of the constant speed or variable speed rotary tags was very poor. Due to the high technical threshold of embedding RFID into stickers, and the problems of chips, antennas, and interference, many traditional ink printing plants are processed as semi-finished products in the industry. If manual QC is not done well, there will be uneven quality

Jiazhou machinery took the lead in the industry. They developed a technology that blends polyrotaxane into resin to improve its strength. Small printing plants use UHF RFID tag detection and coding machine, and the full-automatic QC function can carefully inspect products from large to small, so as to ensure the yield of tags. With the function of automatic inking of bad labels, it can automatically mark problematic labels, eliminating manual trouble. Moreover, the whole process automatic QC helps the printing factory achieve the effect of improving production capacity and shortening delivery time. Guo Zhenxian pointed out that in order to achieve the effect of full process automated QC, importing equipment into Europe may cost more than tens of millions of yuan, which is not affordable for ordinary small and medium-sized printing manufacturers. The cost of importing Jiazhou "UHF RFID tag detection and coding machine" is only one fortieth of that of European equipment, which will help more printing plants enter the field of RFID tags

the machine also has the function of automatic code entry, which can be used for both quality inspection and code writing, as well as label quantity counting, label QC function, including RSSI judgment and other functions. The man-machine touch interface with touch panel can set the number of sheets arbitrarily, and it can also be used through the touch interface to make convenient and flexible settings. The operation is quite easy. At present, this machine is in the process of applying for a patent

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