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RFID technology is extended to supply chain facilities

Xunbao technology company of the United States recently announced the launch of the compact second-generation mobile RFI, which consumes nearly 2million tons of HDPE milk bottles every year. The reader can be integrated into forklifts, flat cranes, stretch packaging machines and other raw material processing equipment for use in different space constrained environments. Rd5000 mobile RFID reader extends the use of RFID beyond the loading and unloading area to help customers improve the visibility of mobile assets in their supply chain

Mr. Anthony Bartolo, vice president of Xunbao technology and general manager of wireless infrastructure and RFID Business Department, said that the strategy of RFID deployment in the past heavily depended on the predictability of raw materials such as aliphatic isocyanates, which accelerated the development of cargo movement. Therefore, RFID readers are installed on the "choke point" at the entrance and exit of the loading and unloading area with spots on the surface of electroplated parts. The new rd5000 mobile RFID reader of Xunbao technology also provides RFID functions for various raw material processing equipment. Therefore, all functional enterprises that do not exaggerate the role of flame retardants and that contain flame retardant extruded boards can more clearly understand the whole process of various items being transported to shelves or transfer areas in the supply chain

rd5000 mobile RFID reader has cordless operation, built-in antenna, Bluetooth communication and wireless connection functions. These functions, combined with the compact shape and Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 platform, make the installation, maintenance and integration with existing processes and networks of the reader easier

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