The hottest RFID market will reach its first peak

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The RFID market scale will reach its first peak in the label field

the latest research report released by IDTechEx, a professional research organization, reveals some amazing RFID market forecast data:

* the RFID market scale will reach its highest sales volume in the label field, showing its first peak. RFID tag projects for drugs, luggage, books and bills will grow strongly. 2 the Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development has conducted a special sampling inspection of thermal insulation materials in old residential areas. In 2008, 6.8 billion tags will be sold to these products, and 15.3 billion tags will be sold to containers and pallets

* in 2010, 15% of the tags will be chip free RFID tags. With the popularity of tags priced less than 5 cents, by 2013, this proportion will rise to 55% for many people who do not understand the pressure testing machine

* by 2008, the market size of EPC readers will reach US $1.14 billion, and the market size of other readers will reach US $750million in the same year

in addition, this report also includes the growth and market forecast of the types of coreless high-strength bolt test fixtures, chip RFID tags, and semi passive and active tags

source: Chinese labels and stickers

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