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Polycarbonate light diffusion materials create a new light sense world for mankind

China is vast in territory and resources, with a population of 1.3 billion, and has always been a major producer and consumer of lighting products. In recent years, facing the global energy crisis, the LED industry has mushroomed and has been widely used in lighting, display, backlight and other industries. The development of LED lamps helps to phase out incandescent lamps, and is of great significance to promote the optimization and upgrading of the structure of China's lighting and electrical appliance industry, brighten the eyes of everyone present, promote the realization of the 12th Five Year Plan energy conservation and emission reduction goals and tasks, and actively respond to global climate change

with the rapid development of LED lighting industry, the use of LED lamp shell materials is also growing rapidly. The shell material for LED lighting, namely light scattering material, refers to the material that can both make light pass through and effectively scatter light. It can convert electric and line light sources into line and area light sources

led's high brightness and low heat save power consumption, which is also in line with people's pursuit of low-carbon and environmental protection. However, the light emitted by LED is a point light source with strong directivity. The disadvantage is that the light is dazzling, difficult for human eyes to accept, and the irradiation area is small. If it is used as lighting, the light must be scattered 10 and chain to achieve the lighting effect. The emergence of polycarbonate light dispersing materials with the characteristics of high transmittance, high diffusion and uniform light solves this problem well

the so-called light diffusion engineering plastic refers to a transparent and opaque light diffusion material particle, which is polymerized by a special process with transparent polycarbonate engineering plastic as the substrate, adding a certain proportion of light diffusion agent and other additives

polycarbonate light diffusing material is made by adding light diffusing agent to engineering plastics, so that light can form specular reflection on the surface of light diffusing agent. After multiple reflections, the effect of light diffusion can be achieved. It is a material that converts point light source and line light source into line light source and area light source. It is generally prepared by dispersing light diffusion particles with different refractive index from the substrate into transparent materials to discuss their chemical mechanism

due to the particularity of polycarbonate structure, it has become the general engineering plastic with the fastest growth rate among the five engineering plastics. Nowadays, the application of polycarbonate is developing in the direction of high compounding, high function, specialization and serialization. It has appeared in the eyes of the public after automobiles, electronics and appliances, medical treatment and packaging, just like magic 1, across time and space and many other fields. Among them, LED lighting has also become another very important application field of polycarbonate in recent years, and has achieved very rapid development in just a few years. The experimental results show that the LED lampshade made of polycarbonate can better concentrate the light and make the light more concentrated

with the birth of new materials and new technical support, people have ushered in a new era of LED light perception. LED power consumption is quite low, and the same lighting effect saves nearly 80% energy than traditional light sources. In addition, LED has changed a series of lighting facilities in many industrial industries because of its light weight, solid surface and uneasy damage. Car lights are a very prominent example. In the past, most car lamp shades were made of glass, but now polycarbonate can replace traditional glass, which can reduce the weight by half, so as to significantly reduce the energy consumption required for driving internal combustion engine vehicles, and thus greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The weight reduction also makes the next generation of hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles possible, because the increased weight of the battery requires the chassis to reduce the same weight for balance, so as to avoid the reduction of vehicle efficiency and performance

the transformation of a small LED shade material has promoted the lightweight process of the automotive industry. Polycarbonate light spreading material not only solves the problem of strong light source rays of LED lamps, but also contributes to the sustainable development of mankind. At the same time, it also corresponds to the call of the national "12th Five Year Plan" for energy conservation, environmental protection and industrial upgrading

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