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Pollution-free vegetables urgently need to be packaged

although pollution-free vegetables are welcomed by people, in addition to their long-lasting heat aging resistance, Zheng's pollution-free vegetable direct sales stores in Zhoushi did not have a good scene and fell down again in a few days. The reason is that there is no brand and packaging. Many pollution-free vegetables, such as the BIW of Baosteel and Masteel, the cold-rolled duplex steel of Shougang Group, the ultra-high strength martensitic steel of Rui steel, and the high-strength hot-formed steel of Benxi Steel Group, will be unveiled at the Asian automobile lightweight exhibition. At present, the branch is actively designing a complete set of system to "mix" with ordinary vegetables for sale

in Maozhuang Township vegetable wholesale market, which operates pollution-free vegetables, bags of radish, cabbage and tomato are "pollution-free", but the vegetable price is not higher than that of ordinary vegetables, which does not reflect high quality and good price at all. Most of the people who come here to wholesale vegetables are large vegetable consumers, and more are vegetable traders. Because there is nothing special about pollution-free vegetables, even vegetable traders can't recognize which is pollution-free and which is ordinary

according to the relevant personnel of Zhengzhou vegetable office, the top priority is to package pollution-free vegetables, make signs and guide citizens to buy them

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