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Polluting enterprises compete at low prices, and environmental protection enterprises are under great pressure

at present, more than 20 domestic chemical enterprises that produce ethyl chloride have some environmental protection and some pollution, which can be described as a mixture of good and bad. On the road to globalization, these enterprises will face the difficult choice of whether to take the road of environmental protection or engage in low-cost competition

low price competition of polluting enterprises

the scale of domestic enterprises producing ethyl chloride varies, and the average amount of waste water per ton of products is 6.5 to 10 tons. Some enterprises only have symbolic and coping environmental protection facilities, and more than 10 enterprises do not even have any environmental protection facilities. "However, due to the low cost of environmental protection, they adopted low-price competition when participating in industry competition, which made us face great pressure of low-price competition." Said Yin Qian, chairman of Hubei chishun company

the towering waste gas separation tank, huge sewage treatment tank and all-weather emission monitoring of Hubei chishun Chemical Co., Ltd. have attached a "new label" of resource-saving and environment-friendly to China's chemical enterprises. However, such an enterprise has also personally felt the huge pressure and distress of low price competition in its own development

chishun company has learned a painful lesson. Within one year after the sewage treatment center of chishun company was put into operation, an environmental protection technology Co., Ltd. was responsible for the operation, acceptance and standard discharge. However, on September 22, 2008, this environmental protection company started the external drainage pump without authorization, causing sewage leakage and serious pollution to the surrounding environment, which attracted the attention of environmental protection departments at national, provincial, municipal and county levels with different product shapes. Chishun company was ordered to stop production for rectification

Yin Qian, chairman of the company, said, "this is an extremely painful lesson for us, and the corporate image, social impact, economic interests and other aspects have suffered heavy losses." Since then, chishun company has not only achieved new breakthroughs in production technology, but also achieved the four effects of "energy conservation", "consumption reduction", "emission reduction" and "circular economy"

but Yin Qian said that after taking the road of environmental protection, enterprises face some new troubles. At present, the vast majority of domestic enterprises in the same industry do not have a complete environmental protection treatment system, especially sewage treatment facilities. Their high investment in fixed assets and high operating costs in environmental protection will inevitably make the company face great pressure when participating in industry competition. Yin Qian said, "the price they offer is often our environmental protection cost, which should be invested in the standardized development of ethyl chloride industry." At present, the environmental protection operation cost of chishun company is up to 500 yuan per ton of products, which is significantly higher than that of the same industry in price

some experts also worry that the existence of this situation can not reflect the practical significance of circular economy, but may make enterprises that have truly achieved environmental protection standards face a survival crisis, which is an abnormal state of industry development

chishun invested heavily in environmental protection.

on the hillside next to chishun company, I saw a unique small house, which is an "electronic detective room". The original treated sewage should be sent here through pipelines for 24-hour monitoring, and directly connected to the monitoring platform of the environmental protection department, which can detect the sewage treatment in real time. The wastewater received the "reconnaissance" is then transported to the Fuhe outlet through a pipeline more than 11000 meters long

at the beginning of the establishment of the plant, chishun company invested more than 15.7 million yuan in supporting environmental protection projects in May 2013 in accordance with the national "three Simultaneities" requirements

in September 2008, chishun company and Hunan Research Institute of chemical industry, a national key chemical research institution, carried out a special technical breakthrough around "ethyl chloride production and environmental protection control", and comprehensively improved the production process, which not only reduced the consumption of chlorine in the chlorination section and shortened the reaction time, but also significantly reduced the consumption of sodium sulfide in the alkaline hydrolysis section. Most of the sodium sulfide can be concentrated and crystallized and sold as industrial by-products, It also greatly reduces the amount of water and waste water in the alkaline hydrolysis section. Through the process improvement scheme, the amount of waste water produced per ton of product is reduced from 6 to 6.5 tons to 1 to 1.5 tons; The daily total waste water volume of the 15000 ton ethyl chloride production line has been reduced from about 300 tons to about 50 tons. The price and standard of the original wall insulation materials are also the problems that we need to urgently solve in the next step

entering chishun company, we can see that all the wastewater and waste gas from the production line enter the wastewater and waste gas treatment system and eventually become reusable substances. For example, in terms of waste gas treatment, through the introduction of ozone treatment technology, low-temperature plasma technology and special photon photolysis and oxidation technology, the high-efficiency photolysis and purification equipment of chemical waste gas suitable for its own waste gas characteristics has been developed, which has effectively decomposed harmful components, eliminated odor, and reached the national secondary emission standard. In terms of wastewater treatment, the treatment capacity is 600 tons/day, far exceeding the actual wastewater volume of 80 tons/day produced at full capacity after the company's process innovation. Sodium sulfide and other substances separated from wastewater and waste gas can be applied to leather, textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking, metallurgy and other fields again, and the price per ton can reach 2300 to 2600 yuan

usher in new opportunities in the crisis

once distressed chishun Chemical Co., Ltd. finally showed a happy smile in the sudden international financial crisis. Since this year, the company has received a total of 12 batches of foreign guests who came to investigate and negotiate cooperation, and has determined an annual cooperation framework of more than 16 million US dollars. At present, Germany Bayer, Switzerland Syngenta, the United States Dow and other world-renowned chemical giants have identified chishun as their only supplier in China

since 2004, with the prohibition of methamidophos and other highly toxic pesticides and their gradual withdrawal from the market, chlorpyrifos, Triazophos, probromophos, diazinon and other emerging high-efficiency and low toxicity pesticides have gradually replaced their market positions. These new pesticide varieties take ethyl chloride as the production platform. Chishun company submitted for approval and approval in August 2007. The first phase of the investment and construction project is to produce 30000 tons of ethyl chloride per year, with a total investment of more than 100 million yuan. In the early stage, two production lines were set up, and the first production line was completed and put into operation in August 2008; In September, 2009, the second production line can be completed and put into operation. After all of them are put into operation, the annual output value can reach 400 million to 500 million yuan

sticking to environmental protection is important. The impact of the international financial crisis has not only brought pressure to the domestic industry, but also created opportunities for environmental protection enterprises to develop by leaps and bounds. The whole industry is undergoing a comprehensive "reshuffle", and some industry enterprises have stopped production or closed down. Chi Shun company has not been affected by its adherence to environmental protection and "internal skills", but has shown a better development trend. In the process of foreign trade export, many multinational companies have offered to cooperate closely with them on many related projects in the field of pesticide chemical industry

Chishun Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Aotou village, Mugang Town, Yangxin County, Huangshi City. It is this company located in the depths of the mountain. In 2008, its export earned foreign exchange of more than US $5 million, accounting for nearly 50% of the total export earned foreign exchange of Yangxin County. In the first quarter of this year, the company has exported nearly 1000 tons of ethyl chloride products and achieved export earned foreign exchange of nearly US $2million. This year, their goal is to earn foreign exchange of US $20million, more than 50% of the company's total sales

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