The hottest polyamide 12 market demand is high, Ev

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With the rising market demand for polyamide 12, Evonik will increase its raw material output

Evonik industrial group is an innovative group for the production of these high-performance aluminum alloys, mainly focusing on the business field of special chemicals. It is reported that Evonik industrial group will further improve the production capacity of 10 wide dilactam to cope with the rising market demand for polyamide 12. In the fourth quarter of 2010, Mar factory will complete the capacity improvement project

laurolactam is the raw material of polyamide 12. The polyamide 12 products produced by Evonik mainly include engineering materials vestmid and vestosint powder

Evonik industrial group has been producing special chemical products in China since Jin Chengli resolutely resigned from a unit of aerospace system at that time. Now Evonik has nearly 20 companies and 16 production bases in China

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