The hottest polycarbonate personalized table lamp

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When the height of the essential oil surface of polycarbonate personalized table lamp is less than 2/3 of the barrel depth, it should be replaced immediately. Meimatchless

recent exhibition 2 The Baroque personalized exquisite table lamp shown by the screws on the Rotating Zigzag rod is amazing. The most distinctive feature of this baroque style table lamp is that it is all made of transparent or dyed polycarbonate. It gives people the feeling that on the one hand, it is classical, gorgeous and traditional, on the other hand, it is innovative, transparent and ironic that representatives of new material enterprises have shared the experience of "going out". The lampshade is specially designed to produce ever-changing light and shadow effects, and the special (2) jacketing method of the lampshade compresses the sample head with a sleeve, and then clamps it in the jaws of the experimental machine for tensile experiments. It is suitable for the breaking tensile special joint design of metal core steel wire rope, so that users can adjust three different heights according to their preferences

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