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Poly Boyi cloud ready solution quickly creates an enterprise exclusive conference space

at a time when the importance of digital transformation is becoming increasingly prominent, enterprises are deeply aware that digital capability has become the key to the sustainable development of future businesses. However, digital transformation is not achieved overnight. From the previous informatization to the current digital transformation, the crucial step for enterprises is to convert the physical world information into negotiable informatization data, and feed these data back to the business, so that enterprises can realize the reengineering and transformation of the original business processes in a new way

as an excellent link between the physical world and the digital era, hardware equipment is related to the success or failure of enterprise digital transformation. In particular, in the face of the shortcomings amplified by the black swan incident, the lack of remote capabilities has fragmented business processes, forcing most small and medium-sized enterprises to break their arms in order to make a living

the reason for this phenomenon is that in the past, a set of audio and video conference system was deployed, and the display, audio and other supporting equipment needed to be purchased and deployed separately. This aggressive deployment method not only caused a lot of time and cost waste, but also brought a great load to the cash flow of the enterprise. While the second best instant messaging application can ensure team communication, it can not reach the core of the business, and there are still deficiencies in maintaining business continuity and process collaboration

the most important point is that the introduction of conference system is not a decision-making. How to seamlessly integrate with its own it system architecture and enable business continuity is the top priority. Therefore, in the face of the rapidly changing market environment in the post epidemic era and the redefinition of business logic, enterprises urgently need a set of scalable and integrated solutions to accelerate the cloud deployment of video conferencing and work collaboration, and further sublimate the plastic organizational structure in the era with more flexible brands standing on the shoulders of Nokia and apple

in order to prevent enterprises from straying into minefields during deployment, Tianji selected a poly realpresence clariti ensemble ecological solution that provides enterprises with cost-effective and integrated solutions. Relying on the new infrastructure system, cloud ready deployment model and intelligent video conference terminal, this ecological solution will be a new driving force for enterprises to drive into the fast lane of intelligent office upgrading

intelligent ecological solutions that allow the system to be perfectly extended

different industry attributes directly determine the direction of business on the cloud. The financial industry is a typical representative, and its core business obviously needs to be placed on the private cloud. For other Internet businesses (such as travel, takeout, etc.), public cloud is the most appropriate choice. Looking back, there are also a large number of general financial businesses in the financial industry. If these businesses run on private cloud, it will bring great cost waste. Therefore, the IT operation mode of hybrid cloud has become the first choice for enterprises

but no matter what kind of cloud the business is running on, if the conference system touches the core of the business, the first premise is to seamlessly connect the original IT architecture and realize the unified management among many departments

the cloud ready deployment model adopted by poly realpresence clariti ensemble ecological solution can be flexibly deployed in private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud environments. The simple and easy-to-use system architecture can support full-function and integrated deployment, and realize multi-party video connection, device registration, conference management, user and role management and system service management

in addition, the scheme also includes poly's all in platform and terminal side view audio coding technology. Taking the new generation of innovative scalable video coding (SVC) as an example, it not only ensures the high-capacity Conference (400 party concurrent connection, scalable), but also ensures the business continuity of enterprises in the process of transition from AVC to SVC

as we all know, traditional video conferencing systems are based on AVC, which is often difficult to realize a series of special functions of AVC when transitioning to SVC of interconnected system. The advantage of this platform solution lies in this. The seamless integration of AVC and SVC can perfectly extend the system without changing the original usage habits

of course, a perfect user experience requires not only the core platform technology, but also the support provided by the hardware side. This is another advantage of poly, which has the most comprehensive intelligent terminal solution in the industry

ecological architecture +poly terminal = Intelligent Collaboration Solution

taking clariti ensemble + G200 suite as an example, the split body design modularizes the camera, decoder and polar microphone. The camera can be equipped with EagleEye mini, EagleEye cube or poly studio to support the differentiated needs of different scenes

the advantage of this design is that the equipment no longer has rigid requirements for physical space. As long as there is a G200, enterprises can quickly build their own meeting space without it support

decoder and polar microphone

g200 are positioned as a popular terminal, and there is no compromise in audio and video processing. Taking the EagleEye mini camera as an example, 1080p is provided on the compact body. This limited standard has officially implemented 30 frame high-definition image quality since May 19, 2019. At the same time, with the plug and play USB connection, even departments with weak it knowledge can quickly build meeting scenes that support business needs

high definition image quality is only one of the many advantages of the G20. Thanks to a series of unique poly technologies supported in the clariti ensemble solution, such as LPR (a unique solution technology for network packet loss), it can still provide a good adaptive effect and allow the accurate transmission of information, even in the WiFi environment with the worst stability

for those who often travel or work at home, EagleEye Mini allows you to work anywhere, whether in a coffee shop, at home or in a shared space. In addition, the active noise reduction (ANC) technology of Voyager 5200 UC headset can also be used to shield the surrounding interference noise, so that the work can be carried out in the purest communication environment

this flexible deployment method perfectly solves the use problems often encountered in the previous small-scale conference needs, and the flexible combination is no longer subject to physical restrictions, so that enterprises can enjoy professional conference solutions in any independent small space. With a highly cost-effective personality, even start-ups will not have too much cost load

when the meeting needs to transition from a small meeting scenario to a medium-sized meeting scenario, enterprises only need to replace the bag equipped with the EagleEye cube camera to complete the switch instantly. The EagleEye cube provides 4K level image quality, and the microphone array on both sides of the body enables it to pick up all images and sounds. With the 120 ultra wide-angle screen and automatic speaker capture function, the speaker can be used above the C position to ensure that the meeting can be presented in the most focused way

the medium-sized conference scenario not only puts forward the need for a broader range of vision, but also has certain requirements for the environment itself. The increasing number of participants means that the microphone is likely to pick up noises such as keyboard tapping and push reminders, which will lead to the loss of key information. Nowadays, with the patented noiseblock (noise shielding) technology of poly, the background noise and non speaker noise can be automatically removed, so that the meeting will no longer be disturbed by the outside world

in addition, the dual HDMI interface of the decoder can obtain the deformation key of the sample at one time to realize the sharing of computer pictures. It can be said that with excellent audio and video quality and intelligent AI technology, the G200 package provides the most suitable experience for face-to-face meetings, and perfectly integrates several conference factors, such as people and things, and people and people

with another peripheral product poly studio for medium-sized conference scenes, it also uses a 4K lens, with 120 wide-angle and 5x digital zoom. The built-in microphone array above the lens has a 3.6-meter pickup range (supports expanding the microphone to expand the pickup distance), and high fidelity speakers on both sides create a comfortable and full stereo experience

studio's advantage lies in its built-in patented polar magic wall technology, which is equivalent to dividing a fan-shaped magic wall area (the fan-shaped angle can be preset) with studio as the origin. All sounds outside the magic wall will be shielded, and even an open environment can create a comfortable meeting experience

in terms of video, studio also has the speaker tracking function. When the speaker's position changes, the screen can also focus on the image and sound of the current speaker. When the two speakers at the venue are too far away, the picture will also be spliced to the participants who speak at the same time, effectively improving the sense of presence of the meeting

flexible response to rapidly changing business challenges

on the whole, the playing method of platform technology + hardware enables poly Boyi to form a good feedback between each other, which not only provides high-quality video services, but also optimizes the original communication infrastructure of the enterprise and integrates with poly Boyi series products

back to the technology itself, looking at similar solutions on the market at present, although speaker tracking is common, picture splicing is actually rare. Compared with the hardware first and ecological later, poly's solution can better meet the innovation of enterprise business. Take the live broadcast with goods as an example. At present, many anchors live with assistants, but presumably no one comes to see assistants, so the experience of giving assistants a C-bit perspective is really putting the cart before the horse

on the other hand, although the live broadcast industry is developing in full swing, the development of live broadcast experience has not improved at all. Recall that the reason why the previous dialogue programs have a better viewing experience is that the push-pull translation creates a strong sense of picture. For this type of business, with the intensification of market competition, improving the audio and video system is bound to be a new way to solve the traffic anxiety

looking into the future, the black swan incident has put all walks of life on the road of digitalization. The next place to compete is obviously the level of digitalization ability of each company. Han Lei, Deputy Secretary General of the society of Automotive Engineers of China, delivered a speech at the beginning. Relying on its unique technical heritage and the excellent performance of poly G200 and poly studio terminals, clariti ensemble ecological solutions are enough to support the current accelerated release of video conferencing needs of enterprises, and help enterprises cope with rapidly changing markets with more flexible business models and it architectures

* this article comes from: Tianji

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