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Polyamide film blowing process is upgraded again and more cost-effective

recently, Royal DSM group, a global leading enterprise in life science and material science, said that polyamide 6 will have greater development prospects in the field of using film blowing process to make food flexible packaging. After using the new akulon XS, the processors found that the production process had been significantly improved. With akulon XS, polyamide 6 blown film processors can produce food flexible packaging in a simpler and more cost-effective way, giving full play to the unique barrier and mechanical properties of polyamide 6

as the public gradually realizes the necessity of reducing food waste and extending product shelf life, the demand for special barrier film for food flexible packaging begins to show a continuous upward trend. Nowadays, most diaphragm products are coextruded through the film blowing production line, which determines the production of their materials. Therefore, the 7-layer, 9-layer and even 11 layer membrane structures are common grades with computers turned on. This highly cost-effective advanced technology effectively integrates the functions of barrier, printability, sealing and impact resistance

polyamide 6 has good barrier properties and mechanical strength, and is undoubtedly one of the ideal raw materials for the production of such films. However, the high crystallinity of polyamide 6 will limit its processing window. Therefore, processors need to make concessions in terms of production efficiency, or improve processability by mixing polyamide 6 with higher price special amorphous nylon or copolymer nylon. In this way, the advantages of this kind of film in high cost performance will be greatly reduced

akulon XS from DSM solves this problem. Compared with traditional polyamide 6, its crystallization rate in the membrane bubble is much slower, which can be consistent with that of other material layers. This feature is conducive to the production of more stable membrane bubbles, thus providing greater operating space for processors in terms of processing conditions. In addition, the film has better ductility, and the force required to achieve the same inflation ratio (bur) is smaller; In other words, the same force can be used to produce bubbles with a bur value of% higher. In addition, there will be relatively few folds in the flat film

although the large volume crystals formed by slowing down the crystallization rate may produce films with low transparency, large-scale production line tests show that there is actually no significant difference in the optical properties between the two films made of standard film grade polyamide and akulon XS. In practical application, all properties of the film produced by akulon XS are exactly the same as those produced by standard polyamide 6 material

DSM's technical experts provide akulonxs product users with a special service to help them maximize the advantages of this innovative material. In addition, the company also provides film structure optimization design support based on "DSM film structure calculation model". This calculation model is used to predict the barrier properties of different film structures. Even if the test film has been digested, it is also applicable to this model, so as to help film blowing manufacturers choose the elongation of high molecular materials is far better than that of metals, fibers, plates and other materials, and choose the best akulon XS film structure and processing conditions

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