The hottest polycarbonate market in Asia continues

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The polycarbonate market in Asia continues to be weak and the market continues to decline

the polycarbonate market in Asia continues to be weak and the market continues to decline. The local market experienced a sharp decline in the early stage, and the current market continues to be weak and downward. In the fourth quarter, crude oil and raw material bisphenol a continued to show weakness, which made the market downturn difficult to shake up, and the operators' trading intention was poor; Some sellers said that they should not adjust too much in the short term, because the cost is still high, so the intention to stabilize the price in the near future is obvious; Some people also said that the current demand for off-season price reduction can not effectively scrap to stimulate the buyer's interest, and customers will not have too many stock operations at present

there are few firm offers in the optical grade market, CIF Hong Kong 1, but the actual effect is not satisfactory. The monthly shipping offer is 2150 US dollars/ton, and the price of 2100 US dollars/ton is also heard, but it cannot represent the market; The injection grade market is also sluggish. The CIF Taiwan January shipment offered 2250 ~ 2600 dollars/ton, the high-quality brand offered 2500 ~ 2600 dollars/ton, the ordinary brand negotiated 2250 ~ 2400 dollars/ton, and some transactions were 2200 dollars/ton (CIF Hong Kong), which remains to be confirmed; The offer in the extrusion market is stable and the negotiation is limited. The CIF Taiwan market offers 2300 ~ 2350 US dollars/ton

the spot offer of raw material bisphenol A is weak and downward, and the promotion of external trading merchants is slow. Due to uncertainty about the short-term prospects of the market, most people take a wait-and-see attitude, and imports are cautious and trading is light; The local negotiation is 1150 ~ 1230 yuan/ton (CFR China), and the national paper and paperboard production of near ocean in 2016 is 108.55 million tons. In January, the ship offered us dollars/ton (CFR China), and the purchase was less than US $1150/ton (CFR China), and some negotiations were concluded at US $1150/ton (CFR China); The selling intention of Southeast Asian shipping is more than US $1300/ton (CFR China), and some importers make inquiries of US $1270 ~ 1300/ton (CFR is at the top of the pyramid), and the firm offer is limited

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