The hottest Polo lubricant has ventured into South

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Polo lubricant has ventured into Southeast Asia

through unremitting efforts, Polo has brought made in China to the international market, and the Southeast Asia Polo lubricant market will be produced, supplied and operated by China. Lubricating oil products produced in China are recognized by the international market for their superior quality and reliable performance, which increases the competitiveness of made in China in the international market

the first batch of Chinese made Polo lubricants were successfully loaded in Wuxi and sent to Malaysia. This time, the products such as color, texture, roughness and hand feel include many high-end products. In the next few years, Southeast Asia will become the eighth largest automobile sales market in the world after China, the United States, India, Brazil, Japan, Germany and Russia. In the future, Polo lubricating oil will be transported to Southeast Asia Other countries including Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and so on

The century old brand of polo lubricating oil will overcome all challenges to invite experts from the national new materials advisory committee to give lectures on high-quality and reliable products to serve the world

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