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Where is the corrugated box processing industry road in Qingdao? (2)

actively adjust the industrial structure and improve the added value of products

in the paper packaging products industry in Qingdao, there is a phenomenon that the carton processing industry dominates the world. However, the industries with high added value, such as color printing cartons, honeycomb technology, pulp molding products, paper cups and paper barrels, have developed very slowly. To reasonably design the development pattern of the industry, promote the all-round development of the industry, and make it better meet the needs of China's entry into WTO, is a subject that we should seriously study. We believe that we should focus on strengthening the development and construction of the following aspects:

first, we should give full play to the existing raw material industry department of the carton processing industry's ability to work hard and continuously create a new production line for the transformation and development of the raw material industry, and focus on increasing the investment in post production processes, such as printing, die cutting, molding technology and equipment. Improve product structure design and material utilization. Further expand the existing production scale of color printing cartons (boxes), increase the proportion of color printing packaging production in the output of ordinary cartons, and improve the packaging level of our products

secondly, continue to guide the industry to follow the development path of "centralized board making and decentralized box making". In order to solve the problem of serious excess capacity of production lines in the industry, we should widely publicize and promote the practice of "centralized board making and decentralized box making" in the industry, which can not only give full play to the role of relatively advanced equipment, but also help to improve the product quality of small and medium-sized enterprises and reduce consumption. It is the only way for the rapid development of our industry

thirdly, implement the strategic restructuring of the paper products and printing industries, and adhere to the road of group production. For example, we can make full use of the advantages of the existing high-speed and wide width corrugated board production line in our city, break the boundaries between enterprises and regions, and actively establish a paper product enterprise group. Implement the specialized production mode of "centralized board making and decentralized box making", improve product quality, reduce production costs, and promote the development of enterprises towards a larger and stronger direction. In addition, we should do a good job in the marriage between printing and carton industries. Increase the capital and technical investment in printing, die cutting, forming technology and equipment in the Chinese Windows interface industry. Through special technical transformation, improve the product structure design level and material utilization rate of the industry, further expand the production scale of existing color printing cartons (boxes), and increase the output of high value-added color printing packaging in the industry, so as to improve the overall level and cultural connotation of commodity packaging in Qingdao

detailed to specific implementation measures. At present, it is believed that the development of Qingdao corrugated box industry has two aspects, which need to be strengthened: on the one hand, the association plays a role from the periphery; On the other hand, the corrugated box manufacturing enterprises themselves make changes

Qingdao packaging technology (Office) association should change its concept and improve industry management

Qingdao packaging technology (Office) association shall carefully summarize and learn from the experience and lessons in the development of the industry, coordinate and solve the practical difficulties of the industry, gradually standardize the competitive behavior of the industry, and establish a healthy and orderly market competition mechanism. As the industry management department, the municipal packaging technology (Office) association shall carefully analyze the subjective and objective reasons with enterprises in the whole industry, find out the existing problems in the industry and the weak links in the industry management in a pragmatic manner, and improve them

specifically, one is to timely understand and master the industry trends at home and abroad, provide industry information, and become the development orientation of the industry. At the same time, the impact value shows the maximum value and locks the style of work. We should do a good job in investigation and research, and build a 'bridge' between the government and enterprises. Actively reflect the voice and desire of the industry to the government and relevant departments, and solve practical problems for the industry

the second is to quickly formulate "Qingdao packaging industry management measures" to make the industry management on the track of legalization and standardization as soon as possible

third, resolutely safeguard the interests of the industry and enhance the industry's awareness of "unity, cooperation and external unity". Regularly publish industry information in the form of "briefing". Strengthen the publicity and implementation of "industry rules and regulations" and "Qingdao corrugated box price calculation method". Actively organize key enterprises and give play to their leading role, and do a good job in the smooth implementation of relevant regulations within the industry

fourth, we will work with the commodity inspection department to manage and supervise the "production license" and "commodity inspection license" and improve the management level of enterprises that obtain product quality certificates; In conjunction with the Municipal Bureau of technical supervision, Jinwen Publishing Bureau, health quarantine, environmental protection and other departments, make a huge work plan for Japan, strengthen the supervision and spot check on the packaging of household appliances, food, textiles and other products in the city, and expose the enterprises with serious defects in the quality and quantity of product packaging

Fifthly, actively guide the packaging machinery manufacturing industry supporting the development of the industry, from the current low-grade and single type varieties to the conversion of advanced electromechanical integration equipment, and focus on strengthening the development and production of post process processing and plate making equipment

sixth, in combination with the actual situation of the industry, organize relevant enterprises to lead the search, visit advanced regions and countries, broaden their horizons, take charge of the dynamics of the house, and promote the industry to keep up with the advanced level

the whole industry should adhere to the principle of "unity, cooperation and external unity". First, the carton industry has a serious excess production capacity, which has led to the price reduction competition among enterprises and seriously damaged the overall interests of the industry. Therefore, we are called on to unify our thinking on the problems, further improve the protection awareness of the industry, achieve "unity and cooperation, unify external relations", and form the overall advantages of the industry. It is agreed that enterprises should play an exemplary and leading role in seriously abiding by the "industry rules and regulations" and "price calculation methods" to ensure the effectiveness of industry management

second, for the price bidding of some commodity packaging cartons, all enterprises should learn from the practices of some backbone enterprises, timely notify the industry competent departments, and through special meetings, study, discuss and formulate a "bidding price range" that can not only ensure the packaging box structure and quality requirements, but also maintain the reasonable profits of packaging production enterprises

third, in order to safeguard the interests of the industry, enterprises should help and supervise each other. Individual enterprises that harm the overall interests of the industry and violate the "rules and regulations" shall be punished in strict accordance with the relevant provisions formulated by the industry

in a word, the packaging industry in Qingdao has gradually developed into a complete supporting industry with certain advanced technical equipment and strong development ability. With the implementation of the industrial strategic restructuring and structural adjustment plan, the development of the industry is bound to step up to a new level. Industry management depends on everyone. Each corrugated box manufacturing enterprise should resolutely implement the relevant provisions of the industry, consciously safeguard the overall interests of the industry, actively cooperate with the work of the industry management department, adhere to the sustainable development strategy, better promote the healthy development track of "self-management, self-restraint and self-development" of Qingdao's carton processing industry, and promote the sustainable, stable and healthy development of Qingdao's packaging industry


(author: Lianghong author unit: corrugated boxes by Qingdao Packaging Technology Association)

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