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Where will the printing and packaging industry go in 2014

the New Year's work in 2014 is now in full swing. This year, where will our ink "> printing and packaging go and how can we start the new year's work? In the face of the current trend, how can we adjust the enterprise business model? For this reason, ink"> China cartons made a special investigation. The following is the actual record:

Ding Bing of Weifang Huamei printing said: I think the export will be better! As far as we are concerned, we went to several foreign exhibitions last year and received many orders. Therefore, we plan to develop the foreign market this year. The price of Chinese products still has certain advantages in foreign countries. Our technology is backward, but we can aim at those countries that are not as good as ours. After all, our imitation ability is very high

Mr. Zhang of Shenzhen siding Technology Co., Ltd. made a total investment of US $44million. He thought that Ding Bing was very reasonable and added: there are many relatively high-end technologies abroad. Last year, I saw a printing research in Germany. I asked foreigners why they didn't take it to China to try. Others said they didn't dare to introduce it to China. Chinese people are too smart to imitate it soon

when talking about the impact of fast printing and 3D printing on us, Ding Bing thought that fast printing is a trend after that, but the equipment can not afford it. Even if the equipment does not make much money, the profits will come down again, and then we still have no food. Name dances with wolves. The key is that in China, there is a serious excess of production capacity, there is no advantage in technology, and the cost is rising year by year, that is, the price is falling continuously, which is terrible

the following are some points of view: (not representing the position of this website)

point 1: now the domestic market is something to make money. Everyone rushes upward, then reduces prices, makes the accounting period, and then fails to collect the money. Everyone is dragged to death.

point 2: getting on the equipment is to die, not wait for death. It lacks core advantages, so the whole market is depressed by the price war

viewpoint 3: technology has no advantage. I think we should do our own research. Chinese people are smarter than foreigners, but they are lazy and unwilling to use their brains, so they always like to imitate. Moreover, all 1 Experimental machines or heavy parts and components should be easy to lift and install. They like to compare with people or countries that are inferior to them

viewpoint 4: the printing of teaching materials is reduced, the high-end packaging is reduced, and the national ban on greeting card calendars has also had a great impact on enterprises

viewpoint 5: the market returns to nature with less administrative intervention. Therefore, China's virtual economy must land early.

statement: a production line with an annual output of 10000 liters of nano silver conductive ink and 100million pieces/year of RFID electronic labels has been built.

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