Where is the most popular main battlefield of 5g a

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Where is the main battlefield of "5g" and how does it strike a spark with XCMG Hanyun

where is the "5g" main battlefield measuring device and how does it strike a spark with XCMG Hanyun

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since 2019, "5g" and "industrial interconnection" have become hot words in China. Where is the main battlefield of "5g" and how can it spark the "industrial interconnection"

recently, at the "5g business and deepening industrial interconnection innovation and development seminar" hosted by China Industrial interconnection Research Institute, we seem to find the answer: 5g is becoming a competitive highland for a new round of global scientific, technological and industrial revolution

as a new generation of communication technology, it is expected by IOT and intelligent manufacturing because of its characteristics of "large bandwidth", "low delay" and "high reliability". 5g enabled industrial interconnection will give birth to a new industrial ecosystem

On June 23, the "5g commercial and deepening industrial interconnection innovation and development seminar" was held in Beijing, and the comprehensive wear value was calculated according to the formula. Zhangqiliang, general manager of Jiangsu XCMG Information Technology Co., Ltd., believed that the integrated development of 5g and industrial interconnection and other emerging technologies had brought new changes to the manufacturing industry. XCMG will continue to promote the integration and development of AI, 5g, industrial security and other technologies with Hanyun industrial interconnection platform, and create value for customers with scenarios as the core

The chemical reaction between

5g and industrial interconnection is no longer on paper. The integrated application and innovative development of the two have entered the pilot stage in machinery, steam turbine, aircraft manufacturing, electric power and other industries

The emergence of 5g will realize five industrial interconnection applications of 5g:

five industrial interconnection applications:


industrial automation control

logistics tracking

industrial ar

cloud robot

when discussing 5g subdivision applications, Zhang Qiliang said that it will widely cover many industrial interconnection fields such as the current smart home, environmental monitoring, subway monitoring, smart agriculture, smart manufacturing, and smart networking

the Hanyun industrial interconnection platform has also been constantly trying to make breakthroughs in the application practice of 5g intelligent factory. When the intelligent factory is realized through 5g, the error introduced by the horizontal angle is ± 0.03% one to the bottom, and the wireless capability is fully covered, so as to reduce the packet loss rate of data. It will lay a foundation for better realization of PLC from wired to wireless, industrial ar application, machine vision application and predictive maintenance of plant equipment in the future

The integration and development of emerging technologies such as

5g and industrial interconnection have brought new changes to the manufacturing industry, including four major upgrades:

upgrading of connection mode

will realize any time, any place, any connection and cloud group

data interaction upgrade

will help enterprises jump from obtaining equipment status data to obtaining equipment aware full data, and realize the upgrade of the whole process and all elements

service mode upgrade

will greatly reduce labor costs and realize real-time operation of single person and multiple computers through VR roaming, equipment remote operation and VPN remote operation and maintenance

upgrading of industrial structure

5g collaborative industrial interconnection platform jointly promotes new industries, new formats and new driving forces

in the future, XCMG Hanyun will continue to take the market and business as the guide, actively promote 5g integrated application and innovative development, focus on industrial interconnection, IOT, car service and other fields, create value for customers with the scene as the core, empower and wisdom more vertical industries, and promote the development of digitalization, networking and intelligence in all walks of life

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