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Where is the development of new polypropylene products?

in the past two years, new polypropylene products reported abroad include: m PP products with excellent comprehensive performance and greatly improved optical performance; Highly transparent products; High fluidity products that help to thin wall and speed up the production cycle; High strength products, etc. These new products will promote the development of polypropylene market and become a new growth point of the market

metallocene catalysts provide new opportunities for polypropylene to replace other materials and open up new fields. However, from the current market point of view, the application of metallocene catalyst in polypropylene field lags behind that of polyethylene. The area of land polluted by heavy metals using metallocene catalyst accounts for 64.8% of the area of farmland irrigation area; The soil in zhusanjiao is not suitable for planting crops, accounting for 22.8% of the total soil area. The proportion of polypropylene produced by chemical agent is still very small, and the application range is relatively narrow. In 1998, only 45000 tons of polypropylene were produced by metallocene catalysts in the world. With the continuous development, the application field of metallocene polypropylene products will be expanded. The second generation metallocene catalyst will produce some new metallocene homopolymers, impact copolymers and random copolymers. These new products will accelerate the development of metallocene polypropylene market. It is estimated that the world market of metallocene PP products will reach 500000 tons by 2003

now m PP has begun to develop into the market of some general products. At the 1998 European Plastics Exhibition, some companies exhibited some novel products made of metallocene polypropylene. Compared with polystyrene, metallocene polypropylene has the following advantages in this field: only one material is used, which is conducive to recycling and reuse, light in weight and low in production cost

high transparent grades promote the growth of polypropylene packaging market

various transparent polypropylene grades are a bright spot in the development of new polypropylene products in the world recently. Today, the optical performance of polypropylene resin is much better than that two years ago. The transparency brand will promote polypropylene resin to replace other competing materials in the transparent packaging market, such as PS, ABS and pet. At present, the new high transparent polypropylene resin mainly obtains transparent

modifier through three ways, and another polypropylene product with excellent transparency - random copolymer

most transparent and glossy polypropylene products on the market are produced with transparent modifiers such as sorbitol. Transparent modifier is also nucleating agent. Adding 0.1% ~ 0.4% transparent modifier can not only improve the transparency of polypropylene, but also improve the rigidity and broaden the melting range

another way to obtain highly transparent polypropylene resin is metallocene catalyst. If the transparency of pet is set at 100%, the transparency of high crystalline polypropylene is 47%, that of polypropylene produced with nucleating agent is 89%, that of metallocene polypropylene is 93%, and that of metallocene polypropylene random copolymer can reach 96%

high transparency brand will promote polypropylene resin to replace other competing materials in the transparent packaging market. Now the transparent modified polypropylene products have occupied a certain market in the field of blow molding bottles for food, cosmetics and drugs, small parts, appliance parts and household appliances, as well as injection molding and thermoforming food containers. Injection molding, stretch molding and blow molding products are one of the most potential markets for transparent polypropylene. The water bottle made of polypropylene produced with transparent modifier through injection molding, stretching and blow molding has the same optical properties as pet water bottle. Transparent polypropylene has the potential to enter other fields, such as soft drink bottles, after further improving the requirements of vortex flowmeter fixtures and improving the barrier property. In the market of thermoformed products, the newly developed high transparent polypropylene homopolymer has higher impact resistance and better dimensional accuracy, and can be processed with existing thermoforming equipment. It has the potential to penetrate into the disposable cup market. At present, PS/h IPS blends are mainly used in this market

the demand for polypropylene in the automotive industry continues to be strong

the demand for polypropylene in the automotive market continues to grow, mainly due to the fact that polypropylene can be well mixed with a variety of materials, can simulate the performance of engineering resins at high prices at low prices, and can be thin and reduce weight, which makes polypropylene not only replace non polymers, but also with other polymers, such as PVC, ABS HDPE also has great advantages in the competition with engineering plastics

in order to reduce fuel consumption and lighten the weight of automobile, it is the future development direction of automobile industry to replace other materials with more plastics. It is reported that at present, each vehicle can use 100kg plastic to replace 200 ~ 300kg of other materials. Accordingly, 750 liters of fuel consumption can be reduced in the average life mileage of 150000 kilometers if there is no specified speed. Compared with the substituted materials, plastic is 10.4kg lighter for the bumper, 4.2kg lighter for the hood and 5kg lighter for the fuel tank. Due to the reduction of supporting and driving components, the chassis, drive system and transmission system can also be designed to be lighter

many automobile manufacturers are optimistic about polypropylene parts. Automobile manufacturers generally hope that automobile parts can be made of a single material to facilitate recycling. At the same time, they also hope that the material cost is low. In many cases, polypropylene has become the first choice because of its best comprehensive performance. For example, DSM has developed an instrument panel made of a single polypropylene material

reinforced/filled polypropylene develops rapidly

" "Graphene sponge can replace solar panels.

polypropylene can be combined with various fillers, such as short/long glass fiber, talc, mica, calcium carbonate, etc. reinforced/filled polypropylene, which can broaden the properties of polypropylene resin, is developing rapidly, and is mainly used in fields requiring high rigidity, especially at high temperatures, such as automobiles, home appliances, office equipment, building materials, etc. it is estimated that 25% of polypropylene in the world Resins are consumed in filled or reinforced form

the most important progress in reinforcing/filling polypropylene is the use of new basic resins in reinforcing/filling materials, such as high crystalline polypropylene, polypropylene produced by nucleating agent and metallocene polypropylene. The new basic resin makes the properties of reinforced/filled polypropylene reach a higher level. This kind of brand has developed rapidly in Europe and is mainly used for automobile bumpers. Adding fillers has some side effects. First, due to its high density (generally, the density of mineral fillers is twice that of pure polypropylene), it has balanced its merits and demerits in the automobile market that pays attention to weight reduction; Second, some fillers (such as mica) will also affect the gloss, produce odor and reduce the scratch resistance. The new base resin can reduce the amount of filler. Thin wall bumper is a good example of new polypropylene products. The new polypropylene resin itself has high hardness and toughness, so the amount of mica to be added to reach a certain hardness needs to be reduced. In other words, when the same amount is added, the parts can be thinner, so the cost and weight are reduced. When high crystalline polypropylene is used to produce talc filled automobile instrument panel and inner door panel, the filling amount of talc powder is about 12% and 8% ~ 10% respectively

polypropylene will grow in the market of thermoformed sheets and foamed products.

with the development of new polypropylene products with high fluidity and high melt temperature, polypropylene thermoformed packaging materials will grow rapidly. It is expected that the average annual growth rate of polypropylene thermoformed food packaging container market will be 8% ~ 10% in the next 10 years. At present, polypropylene accounts for 20% of the thermoformed food packaging market. Its advantages are: good barrier to oxygen, high softening point, more suitable for microwave oven

; Low density and cost advantage. Compared with injection molding, its thermoformed products can be thinner. The main markets include cooked food containers, milk cups, beverage cups, etc

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