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Where does Hangzhou Hongyan home smart have

where does Hangzhou Hongyan home smart have

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where does Hangzhou Hongyan home smart have

Shanghai hanghong Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is the general agent of (China Putian group) Hangzhou Hongyan Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, mainly engaged in the four industries of electrician, plastic, intelligence and lighting. The specific products include switches, sockets, energy-saving lamps, home information boxes PVC pipe, PPR pipe, circuit breaker, air switch, multi socket, ground socket, etc. The integrity, strength and product quality of Shanghai hanghong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. have been recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit Shanghai. However, a few hanghong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. will not visit, guide and negotiate business with products that have adopted this kind of technology and good texture since this century. According to the manufacturer, we often encounter this kind of phenomenon in our daily life. When the lamp is turned on, there is a sound like baozha, and the wick of the incandescent lamp is broken. After the switch is turned on and the bulb is changed again, whether the switch is on or off, the lamp just changed is on. Now I want to repair by myself. Can I just replace the broken single button? Or do you have to replace the entire three open switch? According to the manufacturer, if the light is always on, there is a problem with the closing spring of the switch. Although the outside is closed by pressing, the inside does not jump; The other is that there may be a short circuit in the switch, but this possibility is not very great. Now, it is the kind of internal wiring switch, and you only need to screw the external screw to connect. Therefore, it is unlikely that the live line and neutral line connectors will touch together. After that, the manufacturer judged that there was a problem with the button inside. It was necessary to unplug the switch button and observe whether the switch was displaced. If the switch was broken, it could only be replaced. If one of the three open switches was idle, it could be directly connected to the switch. If there are no idle ones, they can only be replaced

where is Hangzhou Hongyan home smart?

analysis of the seven hidden dangers of switch socket: first, the socket is pressed by inflammables or dust falls into the socket, causing a short circuit, or installed in flammable and explosive dangerous places, and sparks are generated when inserting or unplugging the plug, causing explosion and fire; Second, the plug is not replaced in time when it is damaged, and the bare wire head is used instead of the plug, resulting in short circuit or spark, causing combustible fire; Third, some bedside switches are placed at will after use, and the switch impacts the bedstead or wall to damage the external insulation layer, which is very likely to cause a short circuit; Fourth, the working voltage and current of household appliances are inconsistent with the power of the socket used, and long-term overload will cause fire once the temperature is too high; 5. The switch is improperly installed, especially when the switch is placed on a combustible object. Once the sheath at the lead out of the wire is scratched, the wire core will be exposed or water vapor will penetrate, causing a short circuit, or an arc will be generated when the switch is disconnected, causing a fire; Sixthly, the distribution board is not placed in the junction box. When the fuse is blown, hot metal particles will splash down, causing the combustibles below to cause combustion; Seventh, when the combustible gas for domestic use reaches a certain limit after being mixed with air due to leakage of pipes or valves, sparks will be generated when opening and closing the electrical switch that does not eliminate the arc device. When the junction box is used, the switch and socket can be directly regarded as two separate devices. In addition, the switch here can be a double control switch. When choosing a socket, you need to select the rated current of the socket

at present, many brands of wall home decoration are designed to open home decoration, which is easy to control and use the wall power socket, and the switch is very convenient. However, some friends say that such a switch is easy to burn, but it is not easy to use in fact. Is that not the case? Do you have a wall outlet with a switch? Here, home decoration manufacturers come to talk about my understanding and see the advantages and disadvantages of home decoration. First of all, what are the advantages and disadvantages of wall socket with switch? The so-called socket with switch is an integrated switch module on the socket panel. Home decoration manufacturers can control the socket on electrical appliances through the switch. For example, the rice cooker is connected to the power supply through the socket. Every time you use the switch, when you do not need to pull out the plug, but turn off the switch. The plug does not need to be pulled out. It has the advantages of home decoration. First of all, it is convenient. There is no need to pull out the socket. It is very convenient to switch electrical appliances. The plug does not need to be plugged in and out of the socket. In fact, it is a kind of protection. Because many sockets are damaged by frequent plugs, the shrapnel is loose, affecting the conductive effect, and even the chuck is loose, which can not be used or discarded. My friend said that the home improvement is easy to burn. In fact, this is a bad premise. The use of more rated power devices than the home improvement leads to the working current exceeding the rated current, Due to overcurrent and burnout. As long as the standard is used, you can avoid this situation. It is not allowed in itself. It cannot be regarded as a defect. Home decoration is more expensive than switches. Moreover, the brands of home decoration manufacturers often carry out promotional activities. The key object is the five plugs. There is less to do with home decoration, which may not be affordable. What should home improvement manufacturers pay attention to when using home improvement? 1. They can not work on home appliance home improvement. Because the switch is in working state, the working current causes the switch contact to be sintered, resulting in poor contact, and some intelligent control electrical programs will bring adverse effects. 2. Thunderstorm can not simply turn off the switch, but unplug the electrical plug to avoid insulation and lightning, otherwise the chance of lightning is also high

there is a wall switch that every family needs to use, that is, the dual wall switch. This kind of duplex switch is often used in stairs, bedside of bedrooms and doorways. 1. first prepare two duplex switches. The difference between this switch and other switches is that it has three terminals. Generally, the main terminal is l, and the auxiliary terminal is named L1, L2, etc. The main terminal is one of the two auxiliary terminals that can be connected arbitrarily. 2. read the above wiring diagram carefully. The secondary terminals of the two switches are directly connected with wires, while the main terminal is connected with the live line of the circuit and the zero line through the bulb. 3. the bulb is connected to the zero line. As long as the lamp is off, the line on the bulb is not charged. It is very safe to replace the bulb. If it is connected reversely, it is not safe. Therefore, please pay attention to this. In order to eliminate the difference between batches, the wire box manufacturers often mix the resins produced in many batches to obtain wire box products with uniform physical and processing properties, so as to meet the product requirements

the factory tutors install a five hole open installation: there are usually L1, L11, l, PE, n five wiring ports for the five hole open installation. We should first measure the zero line, live line and ground line at home. First, we connect the live wire to one end of the switch, the other end of the switch is connected to the bulb, and we also connect the other end of the bulb to the zero line. Then we connect the live wire to the L junction, the zero wire to the n junction, and the ground wire to the PE junction, and connect a wire from the socket live wire l to the switch L1. The lamp cap has two wires, one from the other wiring port L11 of the switch and the other from n of the socket. As for PE, just don't take it. The manufacturer reminds us of the installation misunderstanding that often occurs during installation: the socket position is too low. When many families install the socket, they feel that it is too high to be beautiful, and will install it in a lower concealed position. In this way, it is easy to splash water into the socket when dragging the floor, resulting in leakage accidents. According to the industry regulations, the distance between the surface mounted socket and the ground should not be less than 1.8m; The concealed socket shall not be less than 0.3m from the ground. The sockets of kitchen and toilet shall be more than 1.5m above the ground, and the sockets of air conditioner shall be more than 2m at least

where does Hangzhou Hongyan home smart have the disadvantages of

Hongyan electrical appliance socket with switch 1. A friend said that the socket with switch is easy to burn out. In fact, there is a bad premise, that is, the use of electrical appliances that exceed the rated power of the switch socket leads to the working current exceeding the rated current and burning out due to overcurrent. This situation can be avoided as long as it is used in a standardized way. It is not allowed in itself, so it cannot be regarded as a defect; 2. The socket with switch is relatively more expensive than the five plug socket without switch. Moreover, many domestic wall switch socket brands often engage in promotional activities. The key object is the five plug socket. The socket with switch has fewer activities, which may not be very affordable. Then consumers should understand what a socket with a switch is, that is, a switch module is integrated on a socket panel, and the electrical appliances on the socket can be controlled through the switch. For example, the rice cooker is connected to the power supply through the socket. Each time it is used, it is only necessary to turn on the switch. When not in use, it is not necessary to unplug the plug, but to turn off the switch. There is no need to pull the plug back and forth. Incorrect installation of the switch, especially when the switch is placed in a combustible object. Once the lead is worn from the sheath, the core or penetrates the bare heating water, resulting in a short circuit, or a fire caused by the switch breaking the arc

Hongyan Electric Appliance optical switch is an optical device with one or more optional transmission ports. Its function is to physically switch or logically operate the optical signals in the optical transmission line or integrated optical path. Optical switches can be divided into mechanical, micro opto electromechanical MEMS system mode switches and other mode switches according to the manufacturing process. The first two types of optical switches are currently mature products with many market applications. The latter type can be subdivided into liquid crystal optical switches. Electro optic optical switch& ndash。 Thermal optical switch& ndash。 Acoustooptic optical switch. Let me continue to explain its principle to you! It indicates that there are many performance parameters of optical switch, such as: fast switching speed, high isolation, small insertion loss, insensitive to polarization and reliability. The requirements for it in different fields are also different. Its types include traditional optical mechanical switches commonly used in protection and switching systems, as well as new optical switches that have developed rapidly in recent years, such as thermal optical switches, liquid crystal switches, electro-optical switches, acousto-optic switches, optical switches of low light electromechanical systems, bubble switches, etc

imported PC materials are used for color and material, with good flame retardant performance. Although the surface of some products is bright and clean, it seems to be coated with a layer of oil, but the color is pale and the texture is coarse. This new large new material announcement says that the flame retardant of such materials is not good, which has buried a fire hazard for household electricity. How to identify good products, we can also remove the panel of Hong by hand. If it is easy to remove, it is generally a low-grade product whose price, quality and performance gap between domestic testing instruments and foreign products has been narrowing in the past 10 years. When selecting, use the index finger and thumb to form an end point diagonally by the face cover, press one end firmly, and press the other end forcefully. The product with loose and sunken face cover is of poor quality, otherwise, the quality is reliable. One way is to buy a good switch socket and identify the quality of the product. First, listen carefully with your ears and gently press the switch function. The lighter the sound of the sliding plate, the smoother the feel, and the stronger the sense of rhythm, the better the quality. Then, when opening and closing, the sound is impure, dynamic and astringent, and the sound with intermittent state is of poor quality. The lighter the sound, the smoother the feel, and the stronger the sense of rhythm, the better the quality. Then, when opening and closing, the sound is impure, dynamic and astringent, and the sound with intermittent state is of poor quality. The tungsten content (weight) in the tungsten copper secret staggered contact material is 60 ~ 90, and the copper alloy infiltrated into the porous tungsten contains 0.5 ~ l2.5, 0 L ~ 0.25, the contact material of the engineering wall switch socket, the wire box, is used for the vacuum contactor

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