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Decoration workers' lack of self-protection awareness is worrying

in the interview with several decoration sites, the reporter found that the workers in the regular decoration team have masks, but they do not wear them seriously. Some are hung on the ears, some on the chin, but the nose and mouth that need protection most are empty. Ask the reason, "trouble! Wash often". Master Sun, who has been a bricklayer for more than ten years, told reporters

even fewer of the stragglers who roam the decoration market wear masks, mainly because the cost needs to be paid by themselves and belongs to "negligible" equipment. According to Liu Yingping, Secretary of the Party committee of Dalian occupational disease prevention and control hospital, after staying in the occupational disease prevention and control hospital for so many years, I have not seen decoration workers come to the physical examination at their own expense to prevent occupational diseases. They often have symptoms and wait a long time to think of the examination, and then they often have qualitative lesions

when the reporter introduced the general knowledge of occupational disease prevention and control to several decorators at the decoration site, an older person smiled and said, "our farmers are not as refined and expensive as your city people. It has been several years, and it's all right!"

decorators have become a blank in prevention and control

when the reporter interviewed in Dalian occupational disease prevention and control hospital, he met many workers who came to have a physical examination. The common feature is that they all come from relatively formal large and medium-sized enterprises. "Large enterprises have regular inspections by the Safety Supervision Bureau, the health bureau and the occupational disease prevention and control hospital, and workers also have the awareness of self-protection, such as wearing masks and gas masks, regular physical examination, etc. What is more difficult to supervise is the scattered employment concentrated in small and medium-sized enterprises and society. With the influx of rural labor into the city, a migrant labor force has formed. These people are relatively mobile, the workplace is not fixed, and their social security and occupational diseases Protection and so on are difficult to be guaranteed. " Liu Yingping said

Dalian occupational disease prevention and control hospital concluded that occupational diseases have shifted from large enterprises to small enterprises, and from public units to private units. It is roughly estimated that 300000 people are exposed to occupational hazards in the city, of which less than 1/3 receive occupational health examination. In fact, many enterprises have not declared occupational hazards. This figure of 300000 mainly involves the workforce of large and medium-sized enterprises. The current problem is beyond this figure. There are countless idle workers' groups, whose awareness of occupational protection is very weak, and it is also a blank in the supervision of relevant departments

relevant protection knowledge should be popularized to migrant workers in a timely manner

Dalian Institute of occupational disease prevention and control provided reporters with a "classified catalogue of occupational hazards", which is up to dozens of pages thick. After a simple look, the possible occupational hazards of decoration workers quickly came into view - silicosis, cement pneumoconiosis, talc lung, phenol poisoning, formaldehyde poisoning are all related to the decoration industry...

Liu Yingping said, The occupational hazards of decoration workers can be divided into many kinds, which cannot be guided by a single suggestion

for example, some migrant workers think that wearing masks at work will be all right. In fact, it is far from enough. In the face of some large particles of dust, frequent replacement of gauze masks can indeed prevent the inhalation of dust substances; If there are some harmful chemicals or tiny particles, masks with obvious protective effects are needed. If the conditions are good, gas masks should be selected. Their filtering characteristics are good, but the disadvantage is that filters need to be replaced in time. The cost is a little high, and many migrant workers are not willing to spend this money. In some types of decoration work that often come into contact with paint, we must actively prevent diluent components such as benzene, xylene and gasoline that may be contained in them, and beware of acute and subacute chemical poisoning. Without protective measures, the central nervous system and even the blood system will be slowly damaged over time. " Liu Yingping, for example, may suffer from silicosis as soon as twoorthree years in a high concentration of unprotected dust space




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