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Many people are unwilling to decorate in winter, thinking that there are many disadvantages and disadvantages in winter decoration, especially the wall surface decorated in winter is easy to crack, and the color wall paint is also easy to fade. In fact, as long as we choose the right decoration materials, effectively control the construction process, and make full use of the Limited sunshine and ventilation time, we can certainly avoid the adverse effects of bad winter weather on family decoration and leave no sequelae. Three major wall decoration materials: emulsion paint, wallpaper and wall base cloth decoration wall have their own advantages. Nowadays, there are a variety of wall decoration materials in the building materials market, which makes consumers have no choice. In fact, wall decoration materials can be roughly summarized into three categories: latex paint, wallpaper and wall base cloth. These three categories of products have their own advantages in construction, performance and cost accounting. Consumers can choose according to their actual use needs and the characteristics of wall decoration materials. 1. Emulsion paint emulsion paint is a commonly used wall decoration material, and brands such as Dulux, Nippon, Dufang and Fenlin are very popular with consumers. Now there are many functional latex paint products, which can be waterproof, fireproof, moisture-proof, mildew proof, corrosion-proof and carbonization proof. For example, latex paint with waterproof formula can be washed and wiped for future maintenance. Precautions for decoration construction in winter: the wall surface of emulsion paint construction must be dry, and the newly completed wall surface must be naturally dry for more than three weeks. After the wall is puttying, a layer of water-based sealing primer is applied first, and then the finishing coat is made, which can effectively prevent the penetration of alkaline substances in the wall from causing the emulsion paint to change color, and can reduce the amount of finishing coat, and at the same time, it can enhance the adhesion of the emulsion paint and avoid peeling. Emulsion paint should be diluted with water in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Excessive dilution is easy to cause the decline of paint film coverage, color lightening, paint film powdering, performance degradation, paint gloss loss, etc. The performance criteria of latex paint: the performance indicators of latex paint mainly include washability, hiding power, fineness and adhesion. Covering power and fineness determine the brushing effect of emulsion paint. The stronger the covering power, the smaller the fineness, and the higher the fineness of the wall after brushing. Strong covering power can simplify the process, and it can be completed with only one primer and one finishing coat. Adhesion reflects the firmness of the paint film on the wall. The dryness and peeling of the wall after painting is not only related to the putty used for substrate treatment, but also directly related to the adhesion of the paint film. The performance index is a very important reason why there are great differences in the price of latex paint of different brands. 2. Wallpaper wallpaper can meet the household needs of higher-grade people compared with latex paint. It is a fashionable choice for wall decoration. It is very casual and natural in both design sense and combination with the bedroom




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