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In 2001, Shiyou wooden door integrated Western culture and technology, established a production base in Zhejiang, and took the first step of creating a new wooden culture guide. Over the past 13 years, Shiyou wooden door has gradually become the leader in the wood door, whole wood and flooring industry in China

in 2001, Sunyard · Shiyou wooden door integrated Western culture and technology with the mind of an innovator, established a Sunyard · Shiyou wooden door production base in Zhejiang, and took the first step of creating a new wooden culture

over the past 13 years, Sunyard · Shiyou wooden door has maintained a rapid growth trend and gradually become the leader in China's wooden door, whole wood and flooring industry

From the beginning of its birth, Sunyard · Shiyou wooden door believed that the global high-end upstart families should create a home life of "better life". Adhering to the excellent quality of Shiyou products and the fine tradition of Shiyou, it integrated the environmental protection, simple design concept and classical and gorgeous design style into the product research and development, from the strict selection of raw materials to the perfection of manufacturing technology, so that its noble quality could be perfectly presented. It is committed to building a global high-end wooden door brand, integrating the profound and rigorous spirit of British manufacturing industry and Oriental humanistic living culture, and acquiring knowledge and respect for nature, reflecting connotation in uniqueness, sublimating taste in nature, abandoning the ostentation of appearance, being good at design and exquisite carving, reflecting the natural beauty of materials, environmental protection and comfort, and giving full play to the most essential functions of wooden products. The Sunyard · Shiyou wooden door brand products with excellent quality are perfectly and nobly interpreted, so that people who advocate the quality of life can truly feel the master or simple, or aesthetic, or classical, or romantic design style

the company has successively introduced advanced production equipment. It has 45 CNC steam circulation drying kilns, 4 dust-free paint baking rooms, and adopts the world's leading German Haomai processing equipment. Each set of wooden doors has been handmade in 51 courses, including 6 unique dust-free painting processes, 4 primer and 2 finishing coats to ensure that the paint penetrates into the wood fiber holes, ensuring that the paint is smoother, the wood texture is clearer, and the paint film adhesion is stronger, Better wear resistance. The company actively implements the total quality management system and has successively passed ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and gb/t28001_ 2001 quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification, China environmental labeling product certification, FSC international forest chain of custody certification and enterprise cleaner production acceptance

the company has successively won the honors of "China's 500 most valuable brands", "top 30 Chinese wooden doors", "chairman unit of Zhejiang wooden door association", "Zhejiang famous brand", "Zhejiang famous trademark", "Zhejiang famous trade name", "Zhejiang integrity enterprise", "Zhejiang Quality Award", and so on

since its inception, the company has always followed the enterprise spirit of "innovation and change, unity and struggle, and the pursuit of excellence", and has taken "technological innovation, talent construction, management innovation, marketing, and brand building" as the focus of its work, forming five competitive advantages of "technology, talent, raw materials, brand, and products", so that shiyoumu door maintains a strong development momentum in the fierce market competition

in 2013, the brand value of Sunyard · Shiyou wooden door reached 9.497 billion yuan. Shiyou has set up 276 sales and service outlets in 34 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country. Shiyou wooden door has been unanimously praised by dealers, building materials markets and consumers for its environmental protection, rich tree species, stable quality and strong process innovation ability

sunyard · Shiyou wooden door interprets extraordinary taste between details and deduces upper level consciousness between movement and stillness. Redefine the life style of a low-key upstart era with breadth, story, low connotation and foresight. My shiyoumumen, my upstart life, my home




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