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Breathability of infinite flower water-based outdoor wood paint; Ductility and toughness; Durability, weather resistance and yellowing resistance; Environmental protection, these are the unique advantages of traditional paint

1. Natural water-based and beautiful paint film effect

infinite flower water-based outdoor wood paint has a flexible film and high transparency, which can make the original stiff wood structure lively and full of vitality. Rich colors can not only highlight the wood grain and reflect the nature of wood, but also mix colors according to personality, and make special vulgar effects such as antique and modern avant-garde. The water paint film is lubricated and delicate

2. Breathable and impermeable

intermittent changes in the moisture content of wood will cause great damage to wood, especially outdoor wood will be affected by more bad weather. Outdoor water-based wood paint is breathable and impermeable. It has both waterproof and breathable functions, which can diffuse the condensed water inside the wood and prevent wood deformation and mold breeding

3. High toughness and ductility

with the change of moisture and wood in outdoor wood, wood deformation will be caused, which will lead to paint film cracking and even more serious paint film falling off. The water-based outdoor wood paint has excellent film toughness and ductility, which can effectively avoid the film damage of outdoor wood due to deformation, and can protect wood more permanently

4. Corrosion prevention and mold prevention

water is a necessary condition for the breeding of fungi and mold. The waterproof performance of waterborne outdoor anti-corrosion wood paint seals the breeding conditions of fungi and mold in wood, which avoids the breeding of wood mold and plays a role of corrosion prevention and mold prevention

5. Convenient construction and environmental protection

infinite flower water-based outdoor wood paint takes water as solvent, with low odor and low VOC, and its environmental protection performance is very outstanding. There are no potential safety hazards in construction and do not damage the health of workers. At the same time, the renovation of water paint is convenient, and the construction time is short, which will not affect normal life and use





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