6 key points for purchasing gusset plate appearanc

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Guide: Aluminum gusset plate is widely used in outdoor curtain wall decoration, indoor high-end home decoration, advertising decoration and other aspects because of its many colors, strong decoration and good weather resistance. However, because there are too many products in the aluminum gusset plate market, the good and bad are intermingled, consumers are easy to be deceived when buying aluminum gusset plates, and there are many pitfalls when buying, so we should pay special attention

[simply select the ceiling in 6 steps according to the appearance]

“ Appearance Association ” Most important:

1. Visual inspection: whether the board surface is flat, without scratches or other defects; Whether the section is free of blackening, graying, greening and impurities

2. Feel: touch the surface with your hand to see whether it is fine and whether there are burrs scraping your hands





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