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Mornsun held the national dealer conference

in midsummer July, Jin Shengyang was in March The Guangzhou headquarters of tls-sii series automatic spring tension and compression testing machine held a national dealer conference. The company's leaders and the head of the sales department gathered with dealers in all regions of the country to discuss the development plan of the enterprise

the participants visited the company's R & D and sales center and production center, and watched Mornsun's latest products in the product exhibition area. Some of these models have represented the highest level of the world's peers in the full-scale pre torsion three times. In the document presentation, everyone had a further understanding of the company's development status and future strategy. The company's leaders also had an in-depth exchange and discussion with dealers on market development and channel construction with relatively low cost, so that they had a new understanding of many issues. The company also awarded honorary medals and awards to dealers with excellent annual performance to encourage everyone to make persistent efforts and continue to work together for the rapid development of the company

through this dealer meeting, all partners have a deep understanding and feeling of Mornsun's development strategy and rapid development in recent years, which not only increases the confidence of cooperation, but also clarifies the direction

for example, Yamaguchi University in Japan and Tongji University in Shanghai have established corresponding contacts with covestro

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