Bringing packaging into the track of circular econ

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Bringing packaging into the orbit of circular economy is an important task of the industry

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core tip: [China Packaging News] in the current era, resources and environment have become the main problems facing mankind. Packaging plays an important role in human production, circulation and consumption activities

[China Packaging News] in the current era, resources and environment have become the main problems facing mankind. Packaging plays an important role in human production, circulation and consumption activities, and has become an indispensable part of people's life and world trade. However, the environmental pollution caused by packaging waste and the waste of resources caused by excessive packaging have seriously affected the sustainable development of social economy. Therefore, how to develop green packaging and bring the packaging industry into the track of circular economy has become an urgent problem to be solved

as an important force supporting China's economic and social development, the development direction of packaging industry has always been concerned. In recent years, green environmental protection has become a hot issue. Therefore, China's packaging industry is also actively exploring the development path, adopting the development mode of circular economy and developing towards green environmental protection

it is reported that in the past development process, the long-term extensive development model has made the development of China's packaging industry increasingly constrained by resource bottlenecks, environmental capacity constraints, and the impact of rising factor costs, which has become a prominent difficulty and top priority in the adjustment of industrial structure

in view of the prominent problems existing in the development of China's packaging industry at present, the solution is to accelerate the pace of structural adjustment and adhere to the new industrialization road with high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution and full play to the advantages of human resources

it is understood that the green packaging industry lacks policy support. As an emerging industry, green packaging is still in the early stage of development in China, and needs technology introduction and development. Due to the limitations of the production scale of enterprises and other reasons, the cost of green packaging products is often higher than that of traditional packaging products. Therefore, when competing with traditional packaging products, green packaging products do not have price advantages, which directly leads to the disadvantages of green packaging products in market competition

experts said that the implementation of green packaging is a complex systematic project. We must start from the idea of developing a circular economy with the continuous improvement of innovation ability in technology, research and development and product processing, use laws and regulations to regulate the whole life cycle of product packaging, and promote the transformation of the packaging industry to ecological conservation through the joint efforts of the government, industry, enterprises and consumers, so as to realize green packaging, Make the packaging industry play a greater role in the construction of a harmonious society

in the development of the fixed connection industry between the screw mother seat of the packaging ball screw and the broach base plate for installing the broach, the relevant packaging enterprises need to actively implement the development principle of circular economy, create a model of circular development, and promote the development of circular economy. This requires not only the advocacy of the government and the self-discipline of enterprises, but also the awareness and ability of the public to cut off oil sources

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