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Boshan District provides financial support for the development of the ceramic and glass industry

the Boshan District Party committee and government attach great importance to the development of the ceramic and glass industry. In recent years, they have formulated and issued the "opinions on the electronic universal testing machine for our manufacturers to give you three knowledge choices: what are the requirements of operators? Further strengthen the construction of the traditional talent team of taoliu" A series of policies, such as "several policies and regulations of Boshan District on June 24 to speed up the development of taoliu cultural industry", have provided a lot of financial support for the development of taoliu artists and taoliu enterprises, further improved the creative level and brand value of taoliu cultural industry, and achieved the rapid, stable and healthy development of taoliu cultural industry

recently, according to the provisions of relevant documents, a total of 190800 yuan of government subsidies were granted to Chinese masters of Arts and crafts, Chinese ceramic masters, Chinese glass masters, Chinese interior painting masters over the age of 60, Shandong glass (glazed) Masters, Shandong ceramic masters, and Shandong Arts and crafts masters; Government subsidies of 26400 yuan were paid to 11 chief technicians of light industry in Shandong Province; The booth subsidies and award-winning funds of 362600 yuan were distributed to 97 taoliu practitioners who participated in the exhibition activities organized by the competent department; A one-time reward of 104000 yuan was given to the newly elected 18 Chinese glass art masters, Chinese ceramic art masters and their mentors; Government subsidies of 60000 yuan were granted to the 10 top-notch talents in the first ceramic and glaze industry in Boshan District selected in 2016; A one-time reward of 230000 yuan for newly-built museums and exhibition halls was issued to Shandong Jinxiang glazed culture and Art Co., Ltd., Shandong Guohua porcelain Co., Ltd. and Zibo Shengyi glazed culture and Art Co., Ltd

14. Since the new generation of biomedical materials entered December, the district Party committee and the district government have instructed relevant departments to arrange special personnel to carefully review the relevant materials, and adopt a combination of bank transfer and cash distribution to ensure that the government incentive allowance is paid on time. A total of 973800 yuan of 2016 government incentive allowance is paid to more than 100 qualified practitioners and 5 enterprises

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