The hottest motorcycle exhaust judgment fault

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Motorcycle exhaust judgment fault

1, exhaust pipe emitting blue smoke

first check whether the oil level of the engine oil is too high, because the oil level is too high, which is easy to cause the engine oil to run up. When checking the oil level, do not check it immediately after the engine is stopped, but after 10 minutes of shutdown. If the oil level is too high, drain the excess oil in time

if the oil level of the engine oil is normal, for the engine that has been used for a long time, check the possibility that the movable beam automatically returns to the initial position at a high speed, the cylinder compression pressure and the wear of the piston, piston ring and cylinder will increase the gap, which means that the oil will move up. After inspection, if the cylinder pressure is lower than the specified value, further check whether the piston is blocked by carbon deposition, worn or even elastic force disappears. If the above conditions occur, the piston ring should be cleaned or replaced. When the cylinder barrel is seriously worn and the clearance between the piston and the cylinder barrel exceeds the specified value, it is necessary to bore the cylinder and replace the piston

for engines that have just been overhauled or replaced with piston rings, oil often escapes due to the wrong installation of the inner and outer cuts (or corners) of the piston rings. If the above occurs, reinstall the piston ring

2. The exhaust pipe emits black smoke

check the concentration of the mixture. Check the carburetor damper first after the fault symptoms appear. When the engine works normally, whether there is any phenomenon that the x-longitudinal mechanism is stuck or fails to close or open. If so, it should be repaired or replaced. Secondly, check whether the oil level of the float chamber is too high; Whether the float is broken and cannot float; Whether the needle valve of the main orifice is opened too much; Whether the air filter is blocked, etc. After the engine shuts down, look at the main nozzle from the carburetor. If there is oil flowing out or dripping, it indicates that the oil level of the float chamber is too high. The tongue of the float should be properly bent upward or an appropriate gasket should be added under the needle valve acne to adjust. Check the float. If it breaks and leaks oil to create aramid industrial cluster, it should be repaired by welding or replaced. Note that the weight of the float after welding repair will increase, and it must be re adjusted during installation to ensure the normal liquid level. Check whether the triangle needle valve is not tightly sealed. If so, it should be replaced, and the noise of the fatigue testing machine is very low. Check the oil filter. If it is blocked, it should be cleaned or replaced

check the spark plug for sparking. If the spark plug is weak or abnormal, the mixed gas will not burn and black smoke will appear. Unplug the spark plug, and the spark is normal. If the spark is strong, it means that the spark plug has no fault; If the spark of the spark plug does not jump along the electrode, but fires around, it indicates that the spark plug does not fire normally, and a new spark plug should be replaced; If the spark plug has serious carbon deposition, clean it

the engine exhaust is in the process of emitting black smoke. If the parts have "popping" sound and "shooting" sound, it means that the ignition is too late. If the above situation occurs, correct it in time

beating degree tester conditioning instrument degree 3. Exhaust and white smoke

white smoke from engine exhaust pipe is mostly caused by water in fuel oil, cylinder and muffler. If there is white smoke all the time, it means that the fuel is unqualified, and the fuel with good quality should be replaced. If it only emits white smoke during startup and disappears after normal operation, this problem is not a worry

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