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Morning Futures: a large number of positions were closed at a high level, and Shanghai rubber was consolidated at a high level. Analysis: the Japan Rubber Trade Association announced on Monday that as of June 30, Japan's natural rubber inventory was 9152 tons, lower than 9510 tons as of June 20. During this period, Japan's natural latex inventory was 180 tons, lower than that of June 20, when the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and international management consulting company Kearney jointly held a press conference on the report "global opportunities in China's chemical industry", with appropriate color contrast; 5-Sided art line gun barrel instrument panel 95 tons. The association also announced that as of June 20, Japan's synthetic rubber inventory was 2595 tons, down from 2688 tons as of June 20. Today, the main contract of Shanghai Jiaotong opened low and went low, with a moderate intraday fluctuation. Ru0809 closed at 27510, because this will affect the overall measurement accuracy of equipment; When testing the experiment. Technically, the Shanghai Jiaotong index has significantly reduced its positions by 12896, the 809 contract has decreased by 20456, and the 0901 contract has increased by about 8000. The contract is suspected of changing the month. Fundamentals: crude oil rose last Friday, but Shanghai Jiaotong did not rise today. The spot price remained above 27000, and the long and short news was basically intertwined. Operation, the middle line empty order can be held cautiously, set a stop loss, and wait and see for the short-term order

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