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Since ancient times, there has been a cloud forming sea in Mount Huangshan. When the cross-section increases, the "government affairs cloud" is very wonderful

when referring to Mount Huangshan, you will naturally think of welcoming pines and the sea of clouds floating on the top of lotus peak. Taking the peak as the body and the cloud as the clothing, its magnificent sea of clouds is named for beauty. At the foot of Huangshan, the collapse of China's real economy is not due to these emotional summaries. It is the government affairs cloud created by Huangshan Municipal Party committee and government through business innovation, responding to public demand, and Huawei. This cloud has contributed to the innovation and transformation of Huangshan government affairs and improved the government's administrative governance ability

starting from the difficulties of information sharing, business collaboration and up-down linkage in the past, to the realization of one-stop access to information in the whole city, Huangshan City has shown a denture made through 3D printing, which covers the grass-roots level. How can Huangshan City innovate and transform? How to realize intelligent management and service

first of all, Huangshan Municipal Party committee and government cooperated with Huawei to build a government cloud platform, complete the construction of a unified data center in the city, and build an online service system; Second, based on the current government cloud, cloud computing big data technology can be further used in the future to achieve smart government management and smart services

Internet + new era overcome old problems with new methods

last year, the State Council issued the opinions of the State Council on promoting the innovative development of cloud computing and cultivating new business forms of the information industry (GF [2015] No. 5, referred to as document No. 5), which focused on six major tasks, such as exploring a new model for the development of cloud computing in e-government. As can be seen from Document No. 5, the State Council encourages the government to apply cloud computing technology to integrate and transform the existing e-government information system, so as to realize the overall deployment, joint construction and sharing of government information systems in various fields. Therefore, building a public centered service-oriented government has become the core of government informatization

local governments are willing to use new technologies and platforms to gradually form a cloud computing development pattern with strong security guarantee and coordinated promotion of service innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, driving the rapid development of related industries, but this poses many challenges to the traditional e-government model

first of all, through the construction of major e-government projects such as the golden word project, the vertical E-government of the vertical management department has reached a relatively high level, but the horizontal e-government is relatively lagging behind. Therefore, government information sharing and business collaboration are the key and difficult points

second, the level of information resource sharing is low, and the information systems of most government departments do not have the ability of data sharing and exchange. The sharing and exchange of data resources and cross departmental business cooperation are difficult, and cannot meet the needs of diversified services

third, the decentralized construction mode leads to low resource utilization and difficult it service guarantee

fourth, the level of operation and maintenance is uneven, the configuration of system security means is insufficient, and the overall security is poor

these problems and challenges are also in front of Huangshan Municipal Party committee and government. The choice of Huangshan Municipal Party committee and government is to face the social difficulties and difficulties directly, actively make breakthroughs from itself, and use new technical means and platforms to solve old problems

the development of cloud computing technology has brought opportunities for the horizontal integration of government information resources. Together with Huawei, which has rich experience in the field of government cloud, Huangshan information office has built a government cloud platform to achieve a service-oriented government through business innovation

if you can connect the whole city at one stop, you can run errands less.

Huangshan City solves the problems of resource dispersion and low utilization rate through the centralized construction of cloud computing and multi-party sharing mode; By breaking down barriers, integrating the information of various government departments, we will build a unified urban data center and call center in the city, and build a vertical to the end, horizontal to the edge service system

first of all, business practice is carried out through software platforms and hardware facilities. The social service management information platform is deployed on Huawei's cloud platform. Hardware resources are integrated into a unified resource pool through Huawei fusionsphere software to achieve efficient sharing and flexible allocation of resources

second, through the cloud platform and solid hardware foundation, Huangshan information office, in collaboration with scientists from multiple departments, believes that information integration and business docking have been carried out to create a one-stop administrative service platform. Streamline and transform the windows of all departments, merge them into comprehensive windows, accept the business of all departments in a unified manner, and achieve the goal of one-stop acceptance, one-stop completion, and universal operation in the city. Through the one-stop platform, various data materials have changed from paper delivery to up transmission, and the data began to run more, eliminating the fatigue of the masses running around and making the masses less errands

third, the data center is under unified construction and unified operation and maintenance. Users in all districts and counties in the city and all commissions and offices access the cloud computing center through optical fibers outside the government. As the center of Huangshan social service management informatization, the urban data center provides strong hardware support for computing storage, network and security protection. The unified management of the data center simplifies the operation and maintenance, and effectively improves the overall security level and capability of the system. Huangshan City and Huawei have cooperated in depth to jointly build an e-government external cloud based on the urban data center. At present, it can provide about 20 trillion peak computing power and 200tb storage resources per second, providing strong support for the construction of smart cities in the coming years

on the road of building a service-oriented government, Huangshan City chooses leading cloud computing technology for innovation, and builds a government affairs cloud platform to eliminate data barriers between departments, form a situation of open sharing of data and information, realize business data integration, and promote business reform and optimization

Huangshan's innovation is not only these. The municipal Party committee and government creatively put forward standardized management and created a clean platform. Through this platform, each grid is responsible for collecting the information of public security, civil affairs, urban management, family planning, etc. in the region, giving feedback through the Yiqing platform, and the back-end contact person arranges the corresponding departments to handle it, so as to realize the active coverage of government services and make the people more worry free

Huawei releases the value of government cloud on the way of government intelligence

build a government cloud platform by means of cloud computing, realize the wisdom and efficiency of administrative services, and further promote the reform of the administrative system. Huangshan has won the public praise for its practical convenience

in the process of building a smart city, Huawei has become a powerful partner in the innovation and transformation of provincial and municipal governments by virtue of its deep understanding of government informatization and continuous innovation in information and communication technology

first of all, Huawei has its own ICT advantages and can provide rich IAAs layer capabilities. Through leading data center planning and design, we can integrate data center resources in network, computing, storage, security and virtualization, build a shared information infrastructure, and build an open, shared, agile, efficient, safe and reliable government cloud infrastructure

second, through joint innovation with partners to provide rich PAAS layer services, Huawei has comprehensive government cloud service capabilities, and can provide government departments with shared basic resources, open data support platforms, rich smart government applications, three-dimensional security and efficient operation and maintenance services

third, in the application of smart government, Huawei's comprehensive platform support functions and solid ICT infrastructure have created a superior environment for diversified government application innovation. At present, more than 100 well-known software manufacturers in the industry have developed applications on Huawei's Government cloud platform to provide rich SaaS layer services to the government, enterprises and the public

under the strategic guidance of no application at the top and no touch with data at the bottom, Huawei focuses on the IAAs layer to enable the PAAS layer, and converges the SaaS layer to enable Huawei to collaborate with all resources and promote the intelligence of government affairs. At present, Huawei has helped more than a dozen provinces and cities, more than 100 prefectures, urban areas and county-level governments to build government cloud, and has become an outstanding practitioner in the field of government informatization

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