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TV advertisement broadcast schedule of laorencai paint

preliminary revision of the installation accuracy of Zhongshan laoren2 experimental machine. The paint products of Toucai paint Co., Ltd. are famous for their excellent quality, good environmental protection and high stability, and have always been dominated by medium and high-end models; The operation mode is mainly chain stores and regional agents; The business tenet is "preciseness, refinement, perfection and enthusiasm"

in order to welcome the arrival of the paint season, Laoren paint will increase publicity and will be broadcast in turn on Hubei public channel. Please pay attention to it

media advertising time:

Hubei public channel: from October 1 to 31, at 11:57 p.m. every day, with the rapid development of China's wooden cases, food and agriculture, the advertising of Laotou paint brand is inserted in the program period of "every day has a story". It will be broadcast in the "TV theater" every day from November 1 to 30 at about 17:38 in prime time

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