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Stamping and embossing in post press processing (Part 1)

early stamping is not popular.

heat pad printing technology is commonly known as stamping. There were not many printing products in the early stamping industry. The reason can be summarized into two points: first, the stamping machine still remained on the small machines of the 1960s and 1970s, such as the manual stamping machine, the 13 inch and 18 inch Heidelberg air hose machine, and the small flat pressing stamping machine. At that time, if there was a large area or on-site bronzing, it could not be pressed. The large paper row could be used for making multiple plates of plastic packaging materials for baby food and breast milk, and it was necessary to set the position accurately. It was also necessary to cut the large paper carefully before bronzing, resulting in slow loading speed and inaccurate setting of bronzing, which made the printer a big headache. At that time, it was mostly hot stamping hardcover leather cases, book envelopes, covers, envelopes, stationery, greeting cards, etc., while color box bronzing was not popular. Second, because bronzing was not popular and no one promoted it, until the early 1980s, a Hong Kong company introduced Japan's larger bronzing machines, such as pool deposit machines. After promotion, the printing merchants can see the full sheet hot stamping, the set position is accurate, and the shipment is fast, so they are able to receive orders with a large area of hot stamping; The introduction of fully automatic Heidelberg bronzing machine has made the bronzing industry more vigorous. Until now, the demand for printing and packaging bronzing is increasing day by day

bronzing actually seems simple, but it has its own knowledge. The bronzing industry can be simply divided into paper bronzing and plastic bronzing. The machinery of the two industries is also different

paper bronzing machinery can be roughly divided into:

first, manual small bronzing machine, which can only hot stamp paper with smaller size

II. Flat pressing and bronzing machine. This machine has a variety of sizes, ranging from small to large folio paper. It is equipped with a computer program to pull gold foil. The speed is slow, and the process is mostly manual

third, the manual beer box bronzing machine, which is similar to the manual beer box bronzing machine. Its size can be put into production, and its annual production capacity is 600million watt hours to hot stamp to 28 inch 40 inch paper size. The process is also mostly manual operation, with a slow speed, which is rarely used in Hong Kong

IV. Heidelberg automatic rolling bronzing machine, Heidelberg has made a decisive contribution to the large-scale process with special production capacity. Letterpress printing machine can be said to be the top machine of the past. In fact, this bronzing machine was refitted from letterpress machine. Because letterpress printing has been replaced by offset printing, the machine factory has used its brain to refit this machine into a fully automatic bronzing machine, mainly to refit the part of the font into a heating plate and the place where the bronzing plate is embedded, and add the components of gold receiving paper. This machine has a good effect on ironing fine lines and large fields

v. flattening full-automatic bronzing machine, which is similar to the full-automatic beer box machine, is more expensive, and there are not many users, but the speed is the fastest type of machine, and the hot stamping area is also large

VI. automatic air hose bronzing machine is refitted from Heidelberg letterpress air hose machine. The paper size is 13 inches and 18 inches, and the speed is fast. It is a necessary tool for most early bronzing factories to make money.

gold foil needs to be matched with materials.

in addition to the bronzing machine, there must be the cooperation of gold foil. The gold foil looks thin, but in fact it is composed of five layers of materials

many people misunderstand that a kind of gold foil can burn any kind of paper products. In fact, there are many kinds of gold foil to match with different materials being burned, such as PP film or polished paper products, metallic ink, cloth, PVC glue, thin line stripes or large field and other materials and printing products, we should choose hot gold foil of different materials to match. Therefore, the price of flash hot gold foil ranges from 10 yuan to 1000 yuan per roll, which also depends on the origin and the nature of the material. The price of matte hot cloth and scrapable gold foil is about 700 yuan or more. It is based on digital chemical plants, while laser gold foil is more than 1000 yuan. The gold foil manufacturer has made several gold foils of different colors and quality to adapt to different paper products, and the large-scale, well managed bronzing factory also compiles hot stamping gold foil samples and additional numbers for customers to choose. Customers can also specify a brand of gold foil, such as Barbie doll, an international toy dealer, will specify a brand and a number of gold foil

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