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Mototony frequency converter enters China

mototony in the United States is one of the three major international manufacturers of frequency conversion governors. Don't store instruments in the sun for a long time. In recent years, it has mastered the world's leading technology. It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of frequency converters and electric soft start control systems. It has more than 20 years of experience in producing intelligent electrical and power electronic control systems. With its advanced technology, reliable quality, years of professional manufacturing experience and high-quality after-sales service, it has established a strong brand in the industry and occupies an irreplaceable position

China has become the focus of the world economy. In order to better serve the Chinese market, mototony has established mototony electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, specializing in the production of intelligent electrical products such as frequency converters and motor soft starters that meet the use of Chinese motors, and has opened up a variety of new extruded products. The Forum on China Africa cooperation will be held in South Africa. The products adopt heavy-duty design and have strong overload capacity, With super large starting and running capacity, perfect automatic detection, protection and control performance, it can start and control any type of heavy-duty motor. These products have been widely used in all electrical transmission systems. Moto Tony pursues excellent quality, and its enterprises and products have become the benchmark in the industry. Tony moto's ability in engineering and project management is reflected in many fields, such as metallurgy, mining, papermaking, chemical industry, building materials, machinery, electricity, and building systems

by strengthening the functions of intellectual property protection, legal affairs, financial management, it communication network, human resources, public relations and publicity, motoney maximizes the normal and high-speed operation of motoney in the Chinese market. Actively participate in the rapid development of China's modernization drive, accelerate the expansion of R & D, production, talent localization, in order to achieve the strategic goal of "creating a second motorcycle Tony in Asia"

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