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Moscow glass market is gradually heating up

in mid June, Moscow International Glass Industry Exhibition was held in Moscow. Founded in 1999, the largest and most influential international glass industry exhibition in Russia is held every year, attracting more than 300 glass exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions, including China. The number of Chinese glass enterprises participating in this exhibition has increased rapidly since 2005. In 2007, more than 70 enterprises participated in the exhibition, making it the third largest foreign exhibiting team after the German and Italian exhibition groups

approaching the glass industry in Moscow it is reported that the glass industry in Russia was founded in 1635, when the factory was located in a village called duhanino near the city of voskoreschesco in Moscow State. This factory produces ordinary glass and a few glass products. By 1913, Russia had hundreds of glass factories with small production capacity, all of which were produced in workshops. At the beginning of the 20th century, the vertical pull glass production method appeared. For many years, 90% of the glass installed in windows in Russia was produced by this method. In the 1960s, the British Pilkington brothers company successfully developed the flotation production method. In the 1970s, this production technology was introduced into Russia. The glass produced by this process has a good polish. In Russia, there are only three glass production plants using flotation production process, and its economic situation is certainly much better than that of other plants in the same industry

at present, the production of flat glass in Russia is mainly concentrated in 12 enterprises, with a total output of 80million square meters in 2001 and 165million square meters in 2006; Glass products produced 5.6 billion pieces in 2000 and 10.4 billion pieces in 2006. It is estimated that by 2010, the output of flat glass in Russia will be 300million square meters, and the number of glass products is expected to reach 14billion; Newly build 4 flat glass production enterprises and about 10 glass products processing plants

the economic recovery has driven the demand for glass. In recent years, the Russian construction market has heated up rapidly, and the demand for building materials, including glass, has increased, while Chinese building decoration materials with high quality and low price are very popular with Russian builders. Since the recovery of Russian economy, the completed area of industrial buildings and commercial buildings has reached 130million square meters and 90million square meters respectively every year. As many cities and towns in Russia have begun the reconstruction of old cities and the construction of new houses, the import demand for glass and hardware is very strong. China and Russia have a long history of trade. With the standardization of bilateral trade order, Chinese building materials, including glass, doors and windows, are gradually establishing a high-quality image in the Russian market and are welcomed by local builders

market prospect of Chinese glass entering Russia the Russian glass alliance currently has about 120 members, 80% of the flat glass enterprises, 87% of the glass products enterprises, 100% of the glass equipment enterprises and 100% of the refractory brick enterprises in Russia are members of the alliance. Therefore, Osipov, chairman of the alliance, has certain reference value for the analysis of the prospects of Chinese glass enterprises entering the Russian market

he said that the quality of China's glass products is improving year by year, and has met the technical requirements of Russia for glass quality. More importantly, the price of Chinese glass products is 0.3554 euros relative to low-grade plastics. This low-temperature tank adopts imported cascade tightening mechanism cooling technology/kg European products, which has strong competitiveness. However, I personally believe that Chinese entrepreneurs cannot bring all glass products into Russia, because our country does not accept all products. For example, some products that cannot be measured and evaluated by international standards cannot be applied to important construction projects. He also suggested that Chinese entrepreneurs should first conduct in-depth investigation and understanding of Russia's glass market, and then choose to enter pertinently

performance of Chinese glass enterprises at the 2007 exhibition the performance of Chinese glass enterprises at the Moscow glass exhibition was excellent. This excellent performance is mainly due to the internationalization of the exhibitors' knowledge structure and the younger, proactive and open-minded spirit of cooperation of the exhibitors. In the exhibition area of Chinese enterprises, you can see the scenes of mutual understanding and cooperation between Chinese exhibitors everywhere

however, compared with exhibitors from other countries, Chinese glass enterprises still have the following gaps. First, the preparation of exhibits is relatively simple and casual. Few enterprise and product materials of Chinese exhibitors are prepared for the Russian Exhibition. The date of the big experiment: 15:52:04 is mostly the previously printed English materials, and even a small amount of Chinese materials. Individual exhibitors did not take into account the wall charts, corporate logos and text descriptions hung on the booths. The preparation of contracts, samples and detailed Russian technical documents is too simple

of the dozens of enterprises participating in the exhibition, only threeorfour shipped equipment and glass exhibits. Most exhibitors brought 30kg of materials and exhibition equipment into Russia by random. Therefore, the effect and visual impact of the exhibition were much inferior to those of German and Italian exhibition groups

secondly, many exhibitors do not fully understand the market situation in Russia. From a certain point of view, the Chinese delegation is a tentative entry. This is reflected in the uncertainty of the samples on display. What is the competitiveness of our products? How to make Russian buyers understand through the simplest way? What are the main plans for the enterprises to participate in the exhibition? What are the selection conditions for local partners, etc. At the exhibition, a Chinese glass enterprise was detained at the customs because of problems in the transportation of equipment and was unable to participate in the exhibition. Facing the vacant booth of dozens of square meters, the peers, in addition to feeling sorry, only lamented that Chinese enterprises did not understand the situation in Russia and were not fully prepared for difficulties

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