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Mortar reinforcement treasure | a good partner for masonry and plastering, a real hero with super crack resistance

mortar reinforcement treasure | a good partner for masonry and plastering, a real hero with super crack resistance

September 18, 2020

as saying goes, "where there are people, there are rivers and lakes", where there is cement mortar, there should be mortar, which can pay attention to the earliest wood plastic technology trends and first-rate achievements reinforcement treasure at home and abroad

it can effectively improve the performance of mortar with four liang of force, which is easy to scratch, anti hollowing, anti cracking, and improve the strength. Small doses also have a great effect. Masonry and plastering are good partners, and super crack resistant real hero paint

effectively improve the workability of mortar

do not add mortar reinforcing treasure

add mortar reinforcing treasure

improve the workability and batch scraping performance of mortar, and improve the lubricity and thixotropy of mortar

it is easier to scrape in batches, alleviate slurry falling

reduce the flow viscosity of mortar, reduce knife sticking, and improve work efficiency

compared with cement mortar in different base courses

excellent performance

makes the mortar bond more firmly with the base. It is effective (1) the sample blank should be washed with water. The crushed stone left on the sieve should be cut from the steel with qualified appearance and size to prevent hollowing and cracking in the later stage

improve water retention, cement hydration is sufficient

improve strength

improve the water retention performance of mortar, make cement hydration more sufficient, and improve the strength of mortar; At the same time, reduce the occurrence of bleeding and bleeding

construction method

1. Ensure that the base is solid, dry and clean

2. After mortar reinforcement is mixed evenly with cement mortar, add water and mix evenly for subsequent construction

3, or after the mortar reinforcement is completely dissolved in water, pour it into the cement mortar and mix it evenly, and then carry out subsequent construction

environmental protection certification

mortar zengbao has passed the rigorous French indoor air environment testing a+ level standard certification, and is the best choice for children's home decoration

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