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The first 3C certified motor soft starter

the motor soft starter produced by China Heping electric company is developed by introducing the technology of PS series motor soft starter from ABB in Germany and combining the specific actual situation of the company. The product passed the provincial appraisal in December, 2001, and its main technical indicators reached gb14048 The national standard has been evaluated as a leading domestic product at the international level, and has been the first to obtain the national compulsory CCC certification, which has been included in the national torch plan project. Its main functions include single slope starting, current limiting starting, double slope soft starting, pulse jump starting, high current disconnection, soft stop, pump stop, electronic overload protection, energy-saving operation, phase balance and other control and fault self diagnosis functions. And the material selection is refined, the volume is small, the weight is light, and the experimental data can not be saved and printed), which can be easily integrated into the existing automatic control system

introduction to soft starter:

a, hpr1s soft starter

hpr1s the economic motor soft starter newly developed by our company is mainly divided into four shapes according to its power, and its main characteristics are as follows:

hpr1s03 Hpr1s25 is a compact design suitable for small motors. Installed on din35mm guide rail. This small soft starter has a built-in bypass contact. HPR1S18/30... Hpr1s300/515 is used for general startup, and can be connected by "external connection" and "internal connection" (which can be compared with the standard y/d starter). Using "internal connection" can reduce the current flowing through the soft starter by 42%. That is to say, it is possible for users to start and run 100A motor with 58a soft starter. The current limiting function can be provided as an option. The standard configuration is that there are two built-in signal relays. The task rate of this soft starter is 1.15, which means that its maximum current is equal to the rated current lex1.15

example: the rated current of hpr1s18/30 in "external" connection is 18a, and its maximum current is 1.15x18a=20.7a

b, hpr1a soft starter

pr1a18... 60 motor soft starter is a small power soft starter in HPR1 series, which is applied to motors below 60A. This kind of motor soft starter adopts the analog control mode, and can be started by adjusting the linear curve voltage separately, realizing the method of step-by-step voltage rise, which truly solves the mechanical and electrical pressure problems caused by direct starting, star/delta and auto coupling step-down starting box when starting the traditional motor. It has the functions of adjustable starting time, adjustable stopping time, adjustable initial voltage, starting current limitation, over temperature breaking, etc. It can meet the starting technical requirements of various motors in the industrial application field and prolong the service life of the machinery. It is mainly used for starting pumps, short conveyor belts, compressors and other general starting occasions

c, hpr1d soft starter

hpr1d75... 840 motor soft starter is a kind of soft starter controlled by all Sinoma technology as a central enterprise with the background of scientific research institutes. The control function is very perfect and has a variety of protection functions. At the provincial new product appraisal meeting, it was rated as a leading domestic product at the international level. It uses 16 bit single-chip microcomputer, data processing to achieve all digitization, and the voltage slope at start and stop is controlled by single-chip microcomputer. It has pulse sudden jump, high current disconnection, pump stop, built-in electronic overload protection (optional), phase failure protection, overcurrent protection, over-temperature protection, and has self diagnosis and energy-saving functions. The domestic experimental machine is cheap. It can eliminate the current shock during the starting and stopping of the motor, reduce the capacitance, avoid the mechanical shock during the starting of the motor, and protect the motor and load. It is the best replacement of the traditional star delta and self coupling step-down starter, and can be widely used in textile, metallurgy, petrochemical, water treatment, food and health care products processing, mining and machinery industries

d, hpr1dh soft starter

hpr1dh30... 750 motor soft starter is an extension and expansion on the basis of hpr1d soft starter. In addition to all the functions of hpr1d, it also has the ability to restart and allow a long starting time, with built-in electronic overload protection. This kind of soft starter is suitable for starting large inertia loads and heavy loads such as fans, mills and grinders

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