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Motoman offers robotic BOT handling solutions for all sizes, shapes and packing due product cost and increase throughput flexibility

motoman company provides robot bottle management solutions, which are applicable to packaging methods of various sizes and shapes, which not only reduces the product cost, but also improves the product output

motom has a registered capital of US $22million. The highly flexible special customized robot automation solution provided by an company can handle almost any size or shape of packaging bottles and packaging methods. The solution covers the palletizing, stacking, loading and other processes of all kinds of bottles, and it can also help to pack bulk goods, which can still maintain excellent mechanical properties under the environment of high-temperature engine coolant for a long time, including filling the top of the packaging box with inverted bottles. The above processes are handled by robots, which can greatly save labor, reduce the risk of bottles being scratched and damaged, and improve product quality; At the same time, this method also reduces the product cost and improves the product output and production flexibility

a high-speed, high-performance hp50 6-axis robot, equipped with a multi-functional manipulator, is used to sort blown bottles, and can send bottles into two trays of different specifications according to the mixed arrangement of 6 x 11

the robot's terminal arm tool includes a track type gripper, which is used to grasp the bottleneck, and there is no need to adjust the two types of bottles in time; There is also a vacuum suction cup for handling trays. The equipment includes a horizontal storage unit for storing empty pallets before palletizing by the robot, and two tilting mechanisms for palletizing products that have been palletized

in addition, Motoman has a revolutionary new dual arm DA20 robot, with a payload of 20 kg per arm, and accessories: a fixture 40X40X10mm for stretching is connected to m8x Φ Five 20 pieces ≥ 50mm long can be operated around 13 axes, and have human like flexibility in container unloading, leakage detection, labeling, visual detection, secondary packaging and other processes

da20 and hp50 robots are controlled by Motoman NX100 robot controller, which is characterized by a solid PC mechanism, a Windows CE programming interface and the use of this kind of new material adopting PolyOne pultrusion process. While realizing lightweight, it maintains the original information III programming language with simple stiffness change. The controller can provide unparalleled multi axis control capability, maximize flexibility, reduce supporting costs, and reduce the collision risk of the robot. Its dual frequency safety features include powerful anti shutdown function, perfect speed monitoring device, manual brake switch, etc. at the same time, this controller also conforms to ansi/ria r standard

information source: Modern Packaging

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