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Motor technology will further move towards energy conservation and efficiency

recently, the national development and Reform Commission announced that in order to accelerate the progress and promotion of energy-saving technology, guide energy users to adopt advanced and applicable new energy-saving technologies, new equipment and new processes, promote the conservation and intensive use of energy resources, and alleviate the pressure on resources and environment, the national development and Reform Commission organized the preparation of the national key energy-saving and low-carbon technology promotion catalogue (2015 version, energy conservation part), Involving 266 key energy-saving technologies in 13 industries. Rare earth permanent disk coreless motor technology was selected as the key energy-saving technology

in this regard, industry experts believe that the research and development and production of ultra-high efficiency motors are an important basis for improving the efficiency of motor systems, which will help promote the improvement of motor energy efficiency in China

promote the application of high-efficiency and energy-saving motors

at a rare earth permanent magnet Forum recently, experts and scholars called on the country to continue to strengthen the policy support of rare earth high-efficiency permanent magnet energy-saving motors and promote the wide application of rare earth high-efficiency permanent magnet energy-saving motors

rare earth permanent magnet motors have the characteristics of small volume, light weight, simple structure, sealing by the gap between them, energy saving and high efficiency. They can be widely used in general equipment such as fans, water pumps, compressors, etc. they can also be used in electric vehicles, wind power generation, CNC machine tools, oil field pumping units, mobile power stations and other fields.. Gu Guobiao, an academician of the Institute of electrical engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that the current technology of large-scale permanent magnet wind turbines has matured, and it is expected that there will be a substantial combination of production, learning, research and application. Delegates at the meeting called on the state to continue to strengthen policy support for rare earth high-efficiency permanent magnet energy-saving motors and promote the wide application of rare earth high-efficiency permanent magnet energy-saving motors

in terms of wind power generation, rare earth permanent magnet wind turbines have light weight and high power generation efficiency, which can reduce the cost of wind farms and wind power. The market demand for rare earth permanent magnet wind turbines is huge

in recent years, the state has increased the promotion of high-efficiency motors, and has also successively introduced many policies, including financial subsidies, but the effect is not obvious. At present, the proportion of high-efficiency motors in the domestic stock of motors is only about 8%. Huang Daifang, chairman of Jiangxi Taihao Group Co., Ltd., a top 500 private manufacturing enterprise in China, believes that in recent years, the state has increased the promotion of high-efficiency motors, formulated motor energy efficiency rating standards with reference to IEC standards, and has also successively issued many policies to support the application and promotion of high-efficiency motors, but the share of high-efficiency Motors has grown slowly

Huang Daifang believes that there are still some problems in the promotion of high-efficiency motors in China. For example, at present, low efficiency stock motors are mainly distributed in high energy consuming steel, cement, metallurgy, paper and other enterprises. In addition, the proportion of medium and large motors in the low efficiency stock is relatively high. The efficiency value of medium and large motors is tested by the motor manufacturing enterprises. The using enterprises simply cannot determine whether the motor efficiency really meets the standard of high-efficiency motors. As a result, some using enterprises have some concerns about the later energy-saving benefits when choosing to use high-efficiency motors

efficient and energy-saving motors urgently need policy support

motors are electromagnetic mechanical devices that use the interaction of electricity and magnetism to realize energy conversion and transmission. Motors must be used wherever it is necessary to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy or mechanical energy into electrical energy. Therefore, the motor industry as a whole has a huge market capacity

take the rare earth permanent disk coreless motor technology as an example. This technology is generally used in small motor and generator systems. Using intelligent frequency conversion technology and equipped with a new intelligent inverter, it can realize efficient and stepless speed regulation from zero to rated speed, with wide speed regulation range and high precision

in China, the motor industry has gone through a hundred years. At present, the domestic ownership of small and medium-sized motors has reached 1.6 billion kw, and China has become the largest country in the production, use and export of small and medium-sized motors. However, at present, the technology of high-efficiency and energy-saving motors in China has reached the world advanced level, but high-efficiency and energy-saving motors urgently need policy support

the power consumption of industrial motors accounts for such a high proportion of the total power consumption of the whole society. If all enterprises use efficient motors, they can greatly save energy consumption and costs. Huang Daifang said that it is suggested that the government should issue relevant standards, motor manufacturers must clearly mark the energy consumption level of motors, motor users must force the use of high-efficiency motors when purchasing motors and new projects, and relevant government departments should cancel the financial subsidy policy, strengthen the supervision and management, strengthen the constraints of standards and specifications and the compulsory certification of high-efficiency and energy-saving motor products, strictly enforce market access, and comprehensively improve the energy efficiency level of incremental motors, Forced the transformation and upgrading of motor manufacturing enterprises

under the background of made in China 2025, how can we promote the development of China's energy-efficient motor industry? Lu Chenyu, deputy director of Beijing Institute of electrical technology and economics, said that first of all, we should focus on studying and formulating standards for energy efficiency classification and testing methods of motor systems, involving all links of product design, manufacturing, promotion and application, including standardizing the selection, matching and testing of energy-efficient products, as well as putting forward detailed requirements for the operation monitoring, evaluation and energy-saving transformation of stock motor systems

in addition, there is also a view in the industry that advanced technical measures have been adopted in the design, materials and technology of high-efficiency motors, such as the use of new materials, reasonable number of stator and rotor slots, fan parameters and sinusoidal windings, to reduce losses. Therefore, the production cost of high-efficiency motors is about% higher than that of ordinary motors, and some are even 50% higher, resulting in the concept of saving energy and money for many users

a person in charge of a motor production enterprise said that high-efficiency and energy-saving motors adopt new motor designs, new processes and new materials, and improve output efficiency by reducing the loss of electromagnetic energy, thermal energy and mechanical energy. There are relatively mature technologies, that is to say, enterprises can basically produce them. However, the motor energy efficiency improvement plan was not completed as scheduled. The reasons are the contradiction between long-term interests and immediate interests, the contradiction between short-term input and output, the opposition between reform and innovation and conformism, and the reality that enterprise reform leads to the imbalance of short-term economic interests

the prospect of energy-saving motors is very promising

in 2014, the ultra-high efficiency copper rotor motor developed and produced by Nanyang explosion-proof group with cast copper rotors provided by Yunnan copper die casting technology company won the international efficiency medal, which has attracted widespread attention in the industry. This is the first international award in the field of electrical machinery in China, representing that China's energy-efficient motor technology has reached the world's advanced level. However, Wei Huajun, chairman of Nanyang explosion proof group, said that copper rotor motors have advantages in energy saving, and the prospect of energy-saving motors is very promising, but they face difficulties in the promotion process

all kinds of low efficiency medium and small motors are the largest power consumers. The efficiency and power factor of traditional motors are very low at low load. In actual use, the phenomenon of pulling small cars with large horses is very serious. The rare earth permanent disk coreless motor technology is applied to industrial sawing machines, precision milling machines, bench drills, diesel power stations and other fields with obvious energy-saving effect. It is expected that the promotion proportion of this technology can be increased from less than 1% to 5% in the next five years

but for a long time, the average service life of motors in China is 3% to 5% lower than that in foreign countries, and the efficiency of operating system is 10% to 20% lower than that in foreign countries. In 2013, China's motor ownership was about 1.7 billion kw, with a total power consumption of 3 trillion kwh, accounting for 64% of the total electricity consumption of the whole society and 75% of industrial electricity. The data shows that if the efficiency of the motor system is increased by 5% to 8%, the electricity saved each year is equivalent to the power generation of two or three Three Gorges dams. Copper rotor motor, which represents the world's highest level of motor construction. Wang Qin, executive vice president of China Energy Conservation Association, will also have a huge driving force. He objectively expounds the power consumption of motors with a set of data, as well as the great significance of improving motor energy consumption

therefore, based on the current market situation, it is estimated that for every one percentage point increase in motor efficiency across the country, more than 26 billion kilowatts of electricity can be saved every year. If the efficiency of the motor system is increased by 5% to 8%, the annual saved electricity is equivalent to the power generation of two or three Three Gorges reservoirs

Wei Huajun said that the reason why it is difficult to promote high-efficiency motors is also positively related to factors such as the lag in the implementation schedule of domestic high-efficiency motor standards. At present, the standard of domestic high-efficiency motor is consistent with that of international high-efficiency motor, but the implementation time is different in the infiltration process, which is at least 5 years behind that of the United States. To this end, Wei Huajun called on the state to introduce more effective policies as soon as possible, dredge all links in the industry, and promote the promotion efficiency of high-end motors

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