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Motor system energy saving challenge project launched

China motor system energy saving challenge project was recently launched in Beijing. By establishing a national energy-saving information platform for motor system, the project promotes the users of motor system "In order to achieve the highest output, the exchange and cooperation between energy-saving service companies, motor system manufacturers and energy-saving management departments, promote the energy-saving transformation of motor systems, and strengthen the implementation of motor system standards, logos and supporting policies. The total contract amount of the project is 1.12 million euros, of which the European Union provides 900000 euros, and the rest is Chinese supporting funds. Figure 31 type II sample

is widely used in pumps, fans, compressors, transmission machinery and other fields The power consumption of electric motors in the region accounts for about 60% of the total industrial power consumption in China. China has a wide range of motor products, with an average efficiency of 3 ~ 5 percentage points lower than that of developed countries, and a running efficiency of 10 ~ 20 percentage points lower, which has great energy-saving potential. The energy-saving project of motor system is listed as one of the ten key energy-saving projects in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" in China, and it is the key field of national energy conservation and emission reduction. The project will hold a series of activities, 3 Do not remove the two screws of the gauge rod, promote the preparation and revision of China's motor energy efficiency standards and the implementation rules of energy efficiency labels, and promote the research, project evaluation and promotion of China's supporting energy-saving excitation policies

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