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According to foreign media reports, the U.S. advertising market research institute Magna global has predicted that the U.S. advertising market capacity will decline by 14.5% this year, with newspapers falling the most. Finally, the U.S. advertising market will recover at the end of next year

solution: install an electronic universal experimental machine with a copper foil capacity of 27100 tons/year in the constant temperature laboratory as far as possible. Brian VISAR, an analyst at Magna global, said that the advertising market capacity in the United States this year was US $161.4 billion, a decrease of 14.5%, and a decrease of 7.5% last year. VISAR's prediction did not take into account the Olympic Games, political advertising and other factors

VISAR said that from 2008 to 2009, the advertising market evaporated by a quarter, which was caused by the economy

it is predicted that the advertising market capacity of the United States will be $157.9 billion next year, which is the lowest since 1998. However, by the fourth quarter of next year, advertising will recover, with an increase of 1%, of which cable TV advertising and online advertising will recover first

VISAR also predicted that from this year to 2014, the annual compound growth rate of the U.S. advertising market will be 0.9%

Magna global said that the advertising revenue of American newspapers will decline by 27% this year, higher than the 18% decline last year. By next year, the month on month decline will be reduced to 9.4%

VISAR said that newspapers are facing multiple crises. The differentiation of enterprises in the new lithium battery industry has begun to intensify. Consumers have begun to shift from newspapers to networks. In addition, real estate, automobile and classified advertising have been affected by the financial crisis, reducing newspaper advertising spending. VISAR said: newspapers are already very weak, and the economy makes them worse

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