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Special Pu odor cleaning primer and finish paint in Dabao cabinet: one trick to solve the odor problem

special Pu odor cleaning primer and finish paint in Dabao cabinet: one trick to solve the odor problem

July 13, 2020

with the popularity of customized home decoration in the whole house in recent years, owners only need to confirm the overall style, style, color and size of furniture, and then they can "carry their bags and check in". But when you open cabinets, wardrobes, drawers and other cabinets, you will always smell a pungent smell. In addition to the formaldehyde contained in the glue used to bond wood, this smell also includes the solvent in the paint and the odor paint of monomer residual in the resin

Dabao paint technology research and development team conducted in-depth analysis on this problem, explored deeply from the traditional clean flavor paint, and developed the matching Pu clean flavor primer and finish paint (primer: cre/f-331a/b; finish paint: cre/f-609a~/b), which perfectly solved the odor problem in the cabinet

special Pu net flavor primer/finish in Dabao cabinet

◆ excellent odor when opening the cabinet (not easy to remain)

special matching primer/finish in the cabinet is considered from the aspects of resin selection and solvent release. The imported super low free TDI is used as the curing agent. Through the adjustment and matching of the formula, the solvent in the film can be completely volatilized and the solid components can be fully reacted during the drying process

◆ formaldehyde is not detected

not only the special primer/finish paint in the cabinet, Dabao enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises. All oily polyurethane products are strictly controlled from the raw materials. If no raw materials containing formaldehyde are added to the formula, it can be promised that formaldehyde is not detected (test reports can be provided for customers who need it). So as to protect the health of every coating practitioner and owner

◆ improve the construction efficiency of the furniture factory

the special matching primer/finish paint in the cabinet can be dried quickly, which can not only meet the general coating requirements, but also meet the special coating processes such as suspension line production, so as to help the furniture factory improve its work efficiency and realize the optimization of production capacity

for example, it is corroded by organic solvents

coating process reference


the selection results of the first batch of "green benchmark enterprises" of vehicle materials are also announced at the same time. 1. Depending on the depth of the material conduit, the primer can be sprayed in multiple layers. Each bottom will not only wear and scratch the surface of some parts, but also need to be fully dry and polished between the paints

2. It is necessary to use the special primer/finish paint in the cabinet, which will affect the odor effect if used alone

3. It is recommended to use Dabao ultra-low odor Pu diluent rtd~ series products with better effect

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