It is expected that the demand for flat glass will

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It is expected that the demand for flat glass in October will still maintain 5

recently, Xingtai City issued a notice on staggering peak heating, and 11 glass enterprises in the region will limit production by 15% from October 1. The first production limit measure of glass may bring about a subsequent supply contraction that exceeds expectations. In January, the output of flat glass cross constructed by more than 100 construction personnel nationwide was 545million weight boxes, with a year-on-year increase of 5.6%. It is expected that the demand for flat glass will still maintain a growth rate of% this year. Considering the task of helping mankind explore Mars and other planets, "considering the lag in glass sales, the demand will still increase slightly next year

the unexpected point of the glass industry is still on the supply side, with a net increase of about 1.3% in the first eight months. With the annual centralized construction of the production line entering the cold repair cycle, the supply may contract more than expected. At present, the cold repair line is under the pressure of environmental protection and production resumption costs, and the probability of short-term centralized production resumption is small. It is expected that the impact of new capacity in the future will be small, and the rise in the price of raw material soda ash will promote the transmission of glass prices to the terminal, Glass prices are expected to rise but not fall in the second half of the year

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