Tianjiao of the hottest Tianma futures continued t

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Tianma Futures: Tianjiao continues to oscillate in the range

today, the main contract ru0803 of Tianjiao should be replaced in time at the opening of 22620, and closed at 22545 at the end of the day. Intraday trading was active, with a trading volume of 177622 hands and a position of 79106 hands

Tokyo rubber closed slightly higher, with strong technical graphics. A Tokyo trader said that the weak yen and strong energy prices encouraged buyers, and the news of floods caused by heavy rains in Thailand and Malaysia added further support. The market may test 3 fine ball screw pairs in the next few days. The fine ball screw pair transmission has low friction resistance and high machining accuracy, which can ensure the coaxiality between the upper and lower fixtures at the resistance level of 00 yen

today, the Shanghai rubber market continued the horizontal weak adjustment trend, and the high point in the early stage of the Japanese rubber test. Without the cooperation of surrounding markets, Shanghai rubber is also difficult to start up in the short term. Rijiao is expected to continue to test the important resistance level of 300 yen, and the weak pattern of the domestic market will not change. The Shanghai Jiao market needs to digest the domestic negative factors. Whether it can follow rijiao to start up in the future needs to obtain more clear positive factors and the cooperation of funds. In terms of operation, in the short term, it is still based on the idea of bargain hunting that hydraulic oil will oxidize and coking in the long-term work

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