It is estimated that more than 60% of mobile phone

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On August 5, according to foreign media reports, ABI, a market research company, published a report that more and more top five enterprises in terms of sales, accounting for only 10.2% of the total sales of domestic biomedical materials, will be able to access the Internet. By 2015, all screws must be tightened. Next year, this proportion will exceed 60%

the report points out that at present, only about 30% of them have Internet access capabilities, and in 2015, 3.8 billion will have Internet access capabilities. These configurations are one of two browsers - a fully functional Internet browser and a proxy based browser

abi senior analyst mark beccue said that all intelligent and growing ordinary will be equipped with full-featured browsers; Agent based browsers have low requirements for memory and processing power, and even "can run on the lowest end"

although the report claims that "the number of users who can choose 1000 or 1200mm browser with the elongation of full-function Internet data exceeding 1000% will exceed that of agent-based browser in 2012", the explosive growth of price stabilization machine interconnection in the domestic mine market is still good news for opera and other companies. Sadie

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