It is expected that PS price will stabilize next w

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PS prices are expected to stabilize next week

SM prices also rose sharply due to the sharp rise in benzene prices. Due to the increase of raw material costs, PS manufacturers have increased their PS quotations, but downstream users are not in a hurry to purchase because they cannot raise the price of products. At present, the market transaction price has not changed much, and the downstream demand has not changed significantly. Most people doubt whether the rise of PS can last

in South China, the price of PS manufacturers is generally raised by about 100 yuan/ton, and the GPPS of Shantou ocean is 6600 yuan. In order to make the falling ball impact testing machine in good working condition and have a long service life/ton, hips is 7100 yuan/ton. Zhanjiang xinzhongmei's GPPS quotation is 6800 yuan/ton, and hips is 7200 yuan/ton. GPPS of Guangzhou Petrochemical and the bidder in the review stage, the price of the key components of the man load oil cylinder is 6600 yuan/ton, and the price of hips is 6900 yuan/ton. CNOOC Sanshui still stops production, and the GPPS quotation is 6700 yuan/ton. In East China, the GPPS quotation of Yanshan Petrochemical is 6300 yuan/ton. Daqing Petrochemical resumed production, and the GPPS quotation was 6050 yuan/ton, while the hips price of Panjin Petrochemical and Fushun Petrochemical was 6850 yuan/ton. The market price of GPPS in Zhenjiang Qimei is 7000 yuan/ton, and the market price of hips is 7300 yuan/ton

PS price is expected to stabilize next week

1. Although the price of SM raw materials rises, the depression of the downstream market of PS makes the price rise of PS have certain resistance when the load can no longer rise

2。 It is reported that there are more SM arrivals in East China, and it is estimated that SM prices may fall next week

3. The U.S. economy began to recover in an all-round way, but it was still affected by the residual impact of the economic recession, and the domestic economy was also greatly affected by the U.S. economic situation

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