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Guinness launches new Genie ® Z ™

Guinness launches a new Genie ® Z ™- 60/37dc electric curved arm aerial work platform

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on February, 2016, the Terex aerial work platform division grandly launched an electric curved arm aerial work platform with a working height of 20.16 meters Genie Z at the leasing exhibition held in George Atlanta, USA ™- 60/37dc electric curved arm aerial work platform. This new electric curved arm aerial work platform not only combines the advantages of environmental protection and silence with the four-wheel drive performance of traditional diesel powered equipment to achieve low emissions, but also can be quickly charged. It can be carried out under 120 V, 240 V, 110 V power supply for a single time. It should be noted that the scope of application of the formula is not limited to the following examples. 14 hours of charging can ensure full-time work, which is very suitable for industrial plants, shopping malls Indoor and outdoor operation applications in exhibition centers and construction sites

“Genie Z ™- 60/37dc electric curved arm aerial work platform is our first real curved arm aerial work platform. It's with our best-selling Genie Z ™- 62/40 curved arm aerial work platform has many similarities in performance and components. " Adam Hailey, product manager of Terex aerial work platform department, said, "using the advantages and experience of our aerial work platform product line, we have made the design of this equipment more humanized, and provided customers with a high cost-effective product with large construction range, low noise, low emission and ultra-high terrain adaptability. This new genie Z ™- Weight ratio of 60/37dc electric jib aerial work platform Genie Z ™- The 62/40 curved arm aerial work platform weighs 2268 kg, greatly improving the efficiency of the machine, which means Genie Z ™- The 60/37dc electric curved arm aerial work platform can carry out all-weather construction work in many indoor and outdoor construction sites that other equipment cannot adapt to. “

Genie Z ™- The platform height of 60/37dc electric curved arm aerial work platform is 18.16 meters, the maximum horizontal extension is 11.15 meters, and the maximum span clearance is nearly 7.4 meters. The movement range of the equipped rotating short arm ranges from 70 ° up to 65 ° down. The platform can also rotate 160 degrees, and the operator can flexibly reach the required high-altitude working point. Not only that, this new equipment has two platforms of 1.8 meters and 2.4 meters to choose from, with a load of 227 kg, and can carry two operators at the same time. The side of the standard configuration is equipped with a revolving door and a sliding bar door in front. The 2.4m platform is also equipped with another side sliding bar door, which is a three entry platform

another advantage of this device is that it is equipped with genie fastmast ™ System, the operator only needs to operate the movement of one arm to quickly drop from the full high position to the ground. This design can make the platform quickly reach the ground directly from the highest position when the second arm is fully extended. Therefore, it is welcomed by the market and then directly return to the highest position from the ground. For operators who need to frequently drop and use working materials, the work efficiency is greatly improved. And the pattern of G has not changed yet, enie Z ™- The 60/37dc electric curved arm aerial work platform adopts a double parallelogram design, and it can move vertically up and down along the working point only by lifting and lowering the second arm

Genie Z ™- The 60/37dc electric curved arm aerial work platform adopts four-wheel drive design, and its performance is very strong. The fully sealed AC driving motor enables the platform to operate even if it is immersed in water to a depth of 91 cm. It still relies on a third-party organization to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the development of warehousing enterprises. Its speed is still 25% faster than that of conventional diesel power equipment, and its climbing ability is also better than that of traditional diesel power equipment. New Genie Z ™- 60/37dc aerial work platform equipped with Genie Z ™- 62/40 and Genie s ™- 60 series similar oscillating axle system. At the same time, the standard configuration of the equipment is off-road traceless tire, which is not only suitable for different indoor and outdoor application environments, but also its flexible lifting capacity and ultra-high applicability make it the first equipment to arrive at the site and the last equipment to leave the site

compared with other electric aerial work platforms on the market, genie Z ™- The 60/37dc electric curved arm aerial work platform is more compact in design structure and more diverse in functions. When the arm is raised, its narrow floor area combined with the advantage of only 58 cm tail swing can reach the closed area of most workplaces. With a weight of 7530 kg and a storage length of only 8 meters, it is also convenient to transport it on a standard truck and operate it simply and smoothly

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